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  1. Hi! Watches from the 1920s fell into my possession. Most of them are pocket watches. All new. Omega, Zenith, Tissot, Doxa, Cyma, Longines, Roamer, Paul Buhre and others. Can anyone help me with their valuation? Most of them also have original labels or foils. The entire photo gallery in the link below https://imgur.com/a/u59V7X9 Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. Hi to all, Recently I got my hands on this ROAMER D310 2270 watch. Supposedly it was pre-war, but I have a distance to such conclusions. Are you able to determine its date and value? Condition: new, with factory tag I would be very grateful. Thank you https://postimg.cc/gallery/8CbWBmz
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