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  1. Hi, I have a watch that seems like it may have a dirty or incorrectly lubricated reversing wheel. Rather than send it back to where I bought it I wondered if you would and how much you would usually charge to fix this? Assuming this is why turning the crown also turns the rotor. It's a Chinese movement based on the eta2824 - a pt5000. Thanks.
  2. Having bought a couple of Chinese San Martin watches to see what they are like I found both suffer from the rotor spinning when I manually wind them. Not just a little either. There is considerable friction felt and I can hear the rotor spinning no matter what angle I hold the watch at. I bought both from different sellers and ended up sending the first back for repair. This cost me more than I liked because I had to pay shipping to China and VAT/handling again on return even though I had them mark it as a repair return and supplied proof of it being posted back weeks before. This
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