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  1. Hi, i am attempting how to reassemble a BFG 866 CLDD movement which was in bits. I have managed to get it working but am stuck on the dial side as to what goes where? I am new hobbyist and enjoying this new hobby. I can figure out the obvious parts on the front dial side and know where they go. Can someone please either guide me or point me to a photo or a video of someone putting a Day Date version of this BFG 866 CLDD variation movement reassembly. Many thanks, Regards, Yasser.
  2. It’s a Smiths Cal 512. It’s the tiny 2 screws that hold a U shaped component down. I am sorry, I am still trying to learn the names of the various parts of the watch. I can send a photo of I can upload it somewhere to for you to see. https://ibb.co/sC6kHVq
  3. Simon, can you tell me where I get get replacement movement screws which are either missing or intend to lose while practising. Thanks. Yasser.
  4. Hi Simon, Can you please point me in the right direction of getting automatic movements service manuals which show disassembly and reassembly for service. I am a hobbyist and would like to take apart a watch movement that says ‘ Cal 512’ on it. I have searched the net but can’t seem to find anything useful. Obviously, I am looking at the wrong place. The watch is old but in good shape and would like to service it myself at home and increase my knowledge. Your help will be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Regards, Yasser.
  5. Hi All, I am new here. I am a hobbyist and somewhat a small time watch collector. I like automatic movements and currently looking to bring some old movements back to life. I am looking to get help start off this new hobby of mine and get some service manuals for watches that I have. I live in London and happy to meet or speak to new watchmakers or hobbyists like myself. Currently, looking to service marked ‘Cal 512’ on the movement. Look forward to hearing from you all watch masters and gurus. :) Many Thanks, kind Regards, Yasser.
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