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  1. Anything Playstation related. I have over 500 PS4/PS5 games, and lots of memorabilia. Trainers. Trimmed down to about 60 pairs, half of which have never been, or ever will, be worn. Hot hatches. I've owned many over the years, but right now own a modded 140i. It is the ultimate hot hatch in my opinion. None of your modern 2 litre 4 pot point and shoot nonsense.
  2. Picked up an MG today Goes nicely with my other one
  3. Haven't stuck this on in a while. The quartz beaters get most of the wrist time these days
  4. I decided that the optimal solution to this would be to take a pic of a watch box. 10 watches for 1 pic. Works for me.
  5. The C Ward boxes, are pretty cool, as someone has already posted. My favourite box belongs to my B&M
  6. No Yema thread? Then allow me to kick one off..
  7. I picked this up brand new for just over 200 quid. I wasn't looking to buy a Tissot but this quality with an excellent ETA movement at that price can't be ignored.
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