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  1. The C Ward boxes, are pretty cool, as someone has already posted. My favourite box belongs to my B&M
  2. No Yema thread? Then allow me to kick one off..
  3. I picked this up brand new for just over 200 quid. I wasn't looking to buy a Tissot but this quality with an excellent ETA movement at that price can't be ignored.
  4. Picked this up today for a song... ETA movement... lovely
  5. No AD in the UK I bought mines in the US. Pity, because the build quality is exceptional And Baume & Mercier certainly don't get the attention the deserve As for Ball, they have a decent following, especially in the US.
  6. I almost bought one of these, I think it's a great looking watch. By the end of the year i'll probably have one.
  7. How do George, I'm from just outside of Glasgow myself. One word I wouldn't use to describe it is sunny
  8. Congrats on getting to order a Smiths!
  9. Preacher on Amazon. Usually i'm only interested in PS5 when it comes to using the TV, but anything with God, the Devil and Hitler in it is definitely worth watching. Trust me, I have given nothing away.
  10. Old thread, but i'm new so here's mines
  11. I'll stick mines up as well. Huge fan of Ball watches.
  12. Some description of the watches; 38mm Ball Trainmaster GMT 39mm (although it feels bigger) Edox Les Vauberts 42mm Mido Great Wall. I have since removed the packaging, but it is as yet unworn (mostly thanks to not going anywhere) 39mm Maurice Lacroix Les Classique Quartz Tag F1 38mm Hamilton Khaki automatic. 40mm Dappr. An American micro brand, I believe, and I picked this up for 100 quid. It has a Miyota 8215 movement (I have had no issues with it), sapphire glass, raised indices and excellent lume. The build quality is great. This is my daily beater. 38
  13. Think i've sussed it. Here's some pics I still haven't wore the next 1..
  14. I'll be happy to post pics once I get my head around the method. Copy and drop doesn't seem to work
  15. Thank you, I appreciate the comment
  16. How do all, I've sort of gotten into watches more during lockdown (that and PS5). I started with a Baume & Mercier Cobra, and have since added 2 Ball watches, a Chris Ward GMT, a Dappr, a Dwiss, an Edox, a Hamilton, a Mido, a Maurice Lacroix, a modded Seiko, a Tag and a Yema. A Blancpain is now the grail watch, so i'll see what this year brings. Cheers.
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