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  1. Cool watch! I was thinking about picking up a Navygraf in the sale that is on just now, but ended up buying a Marathon Arctic instead. It was a snap decision. I'll try again on Black Friday :)

  2. On 19/02/2021 at 22:41, RTM Boy said:

    I've seen them in ADs on the continent, but does Edox sell into the UK?  They've got some nice designs.


    No AD in the UK I bought mines in the US. Pity, because the build quality is exceptional



    And Baume & Mercier certainly don't get the attention the deserve


    As for Ball, they have a decent following, especially in the US.

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  3. On 14/11/2020 at 16:40, antjrice said:

    Based on the above, I dived in quickly with the Ball Trainmaster Pulsemeter Chronograph:



    I almost bought one of these, I think it's a great looking watch. By the end of the year i'll probably have one.

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