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  1. I've just bought a solar Seiko and in the manual it does say not to leave charging on a car dash etc for too long due to high temperature and to not let the temperature exceed 60°c I imagine similar would go for a shop window.
  2. Some of the G-Shocks can be quite chunky so might be worth her trying on before buying to make sure she's happy with the fit.
  3. Sevens sisters back at the end of August
  4. Been looking into oil filled watches a bit more and some of them do look really cool being able to see the face from multiple angles
  5. This for me today on a foggy morning
  6. There's a pinned post on how to post photos. Here's a link to it I use Flickr and it's easy enough to do by following the guide.
  7. That's a nice looking watch. Might be time for a fossil owners club on here
  8. Nothing wrong with fossil in my opinion I have a few in my collection
  9. Welcome, I've only been here a few days myself, seems to be plenty of friendly people here willing to give advice.
  10. Thanks, wasn't sure if it was going to be a bit chunky but think it sits well
  11. Ordered 3:50pm yesterday, delivered 8:50am this morning. Can't fault that delivery time.
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