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  1. not my cup of tea and it's also the name of my boss lol
  2. Hi I don't think I am allowed to do this as I have not reached the criteria.I can if someone confirms that i can Thanks Paul
  3. Hi Personally I would start on cheap pocket watches like Smith's ingersoll this will give you a feel for what you need when to come to dealing with expensive jewelled watches.Alternatively keep an eye on spares or repair on ebay I've always got stuff listed Good luck it took my dad 50 tears to get the hang of it
  4. Hi I'm paul from portsmouth I have the joyous task of selling my father's collection of clocks and watches,he was a watch and clock repairer for 50 years I have been selling for 5 years after inheriting a shipping container full needless to say I've learnt a lot in the selling process. I am mad on omega and currently have 300+ and breaks my heart to see some of them sold but hey life goes on. Current clearing 12 lemanias at auction and other sites.Then move seikos which I have 70+ Would love to sell here guess i need to subscribe Thanks for reading Paul
  5. It's funny I'm sure some of the watches I see here are from ebay that I sold in ebay.My father was a clock watch repairer for 50 years and i inherited a massive collection
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