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  1. Looks like it to me. https://imgur.com/xO4IjgE
  2. Thanks! Very informative. Bullet 1 is definitely the best match for my watch. Also, maybe I won't be too hasty to try to find someone to take off the back... I don't want to risk messing it up with someone who doesn't have exactly the right tool. I don't expect they are all that common. ...j
  3. Hmmm... if those two didn't work, try these. ...j
  4. Got set up so I can post pics of the watch. This is all I have so far. When I am able to have the back taken off properly, I'll take post what I find. ...j https://imgur.com/2SzoMBI https://imgur.com/z7tZM94
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll have to try to find someone who has the right tool and setup to take the back off properly/safely. May take awhile. ...j
  6. The crown definitely turns the hands. I'm pretty sure it is a working watch. I probably wasn't explicit enough in my description of what I see inside the back when I remove the screw plug. The inside is not empty, just what appears to be the battery compartment. It has a green coloured bottom to it. Actually looks a bit like an electronics board with one "nub" in exactly the centre. I would include a pic here if I could but I don't have an external site where I can post it for sharing. ...j
  7. I see this is an old thread, but I hope somebody is still watching... I have a Gladstone Electomatic watch that is very similar to the image posted here, except that it also says INCABLOC on the face below centre. I'm no expert, but it looks pretty close to perfect to me. No marks or scratches. The alligator strap is likely the original and shows no signs of wear. It came out of storage, every indication being that it was put away when it was new. Of course, I'd like to know the value, and if there remains any interest, but first I have a question. When I unscrew the plug on the back (I e
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