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  1. Hi, I actually know a great deal about manufacturing in china. You are assuming just because other brands are charing much higher prices on these products, that the QC is a lot better. How can you physically prove that? How can you physically prove its not from the same manufacturer. These brands are using the fact that it's intended for luxury timepieces as leverage to get away with charing what they want. Most of these brands are in fact all interlinked and have formed a monopoly over the market of timepiece accessories. Don't just assume stuff. You don't know where any of them are comi
  2. all the same manufacturers I'm afraid. All as good a quality as each other, just some decide to put premium prices which makes it seem like its a higher quality product. It isn't.
  3. Recently I came across this brand called MajestyRolls. They sell all those neat timepiece accessories like watch stands, cufflinks etc. Only difference is this company was pricing their stuff at a much more affordable price. I purchased a watch stand from them and to be fair its actually really nice. I was surprised. Just want to give everyone the link incase anyones interested in this type of thing. It's not like those big rip off high markup companies. It's actually reasonable. Not a sponsor or anything just worth a look. https://majestyrolls.com/collections/all Have a good da
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