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  1. A little update. Ok the new battery has arrived, so i pulled off the case back and put in the new battery and as i expected, nothing. Dead as a dodo. Now using the same flat-head screwdriver i used to remove the case back does not fit in the screws holding the movement in the case, seems slightly too big. Now on the hunt for a small enough flat-head screw driver.
  2. Thanks for posting this up. seeing this image has made me try some other search terms which has yielded some results. I've just seen a 100G with what looks like the original bracelet. But finding one for mine will be a tall order.
  3. I've just acquired a casio SA-101G touch sensor in a reasonable state not counting the bleeding LCD and missing bracelet i spotted on the bay a little while back. Funny thing was i initially missed the auction for this watch, but to my surprise some days later it was relisted, (guessing the winning bidder bailed) so i was happy to snap up the watch without any competition. Although the postage cost me more than the watch. I've been doing some research online trying to find some information on the watch but i can't find anything online about it, not even a picture. What i did manege to fin
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