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  1. I was also curious about this Rado. I inquired about it earlier last week but was having trouble uploading pics. Havent been able to find an exact match was curious if it was authentic or not.
  2. Hi all, I found this watch cleaning out my grandfathers apartment. I checked the serial number but its not coming up. Does this mean its a fake?
  3. Hello thanks for your posts. I havent been able to figure out how to post pictures on my posts. I havent found the exact watch online through any searches. The closest i found was the de luxe black dial from 1960. The watch I have looks identical except mine is gold plated and the face is not black its a light color. I found another that is very similar but it didnt have the number 12 for 12 oclock just a dash. the two differences between the watch i recentely had repaired and the face of the black rado is a. the color of course and b. under the Rado on mine says Jungfrau which the black does
  4. Hello, I recently came across an old Rado watch that my grandfather wore and I'm curious what the model of the watch is. The year it was manufactured. I'd also like to know if its authentic or a knockoff. I know its not an expensive watch but I did get it repaired for sentimental value. the numbers on the back are 13555 the face says Rado jungfrau 17 rubis no numbers except for the 12 and it has a small second hand just above 6oclock says, "swiss" under the 6 oclock line the back says Rado de luxe 13555 jungfrau is this enough info? I havent been abl
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