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  1. Hi everyone, I have been given a Helvetia 837 to service by a family member and I have been trying to find service sheets online, so far no luck. The autowinding mechanism looks very complicated so before stripping down completely I would like to have the info to study, or, if anyone out there has worked on one of these, some knowledge to draw on if I get stuck. Thanks all and Happy New Year. Graham
  2. Hi everyone,I have a Tissot sport Chronograph (Quartz) ETA E662/762M which I am trying to restore. The crown is very stiff and the outside of the case is very dirty. I have replaced the battery and the watch runs, however the chronograph does not work.I have pressed the resetting buttons as per instructions and the seconds hand will rotate but the minute hand and 3rd dial (which I am not sure what it is) will not move. when the crown is pushed back in the chrono does not respond to the buttons.I am hoping it just needs a good clean as everything feels gummed up but I cannot try to remove the m
  3. Problem solved by some great advise from a fellow member, the cannon pinion is apparently a snap fit on this caliber and required lubricating after cleaning (which I had not done so was probably very dry) it is now working perfectly.
  4. Hi Simon, Very much a novice at this very interesting hobby (for me anyway). I bought Montine 17 Jewel watch on ebay to practice on, it has an AS5203 movement. I stripped it down videoing as I went along. found a broken setting lever spring which I am sourcing a replacement (445/1). The trouble is when I rebuilt the watch I could not set the hands. I looked again at the video and rebuilt the watch again with the same outcome. It seems the 3rd wheel and the setting wheel are in constant contact with the minute wheel/cannon pinion (it is a one piece item. Having checked the video
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