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  1. Far as I can remember I just used the regular option, and no there wasn't any update info.
  2. Bought my Bambino from them. Couple of weeks for delivery, but in good order and as described.
  3. I should add btw, for anybody on here lucky enough to be able to purchase say an Omega or Rolex, good luck to you. I'm not envious. Maybe one day I'll win the lottery and be able to purchase my pipe dream time piece.
  4. Morning all. Love wristwatches, don't have a lot of money to spend so tend to look at microbrands and value section of the market when purchasing. Just bought a Meccaniche Veneziane Rendatore in red in used condition. It doesn't have a Swiss movement ( Seiko ) and is only I.P. plated. I absolutely love the watch. On the wrist it looks a million dollars. I also own a Stuhrling Depthmaster in black and gold. Miyota movement that doesn't miss a beat. Wouldn't swap it. With both watches, what you get is more than the sum total of the parts. Best thing about this hobby (obsession)? is that you don't have to spend many thousands of pounds to own a nice time piece.
  5. I have a Depthmaster in black and rose gold. It's my favourite watch. Citizen Miyota movement may not impress watch snobs but its never missed a beat. Looks beautiful on the wrist and the deployment clasp is unfussy and quick and simple to use. Can't believe the quality of watch for the buttons I paid for it. Submariner homage but so what? Gets the most wrist time of all the watches I own.
  6. Have really skinny wrists so this looks oversized when wearing. Love it though. Replaced the strap with this one from Fullmosa. What a lovely understated watch. Sometimes less = more.
  7. Afternoon all. First post for me! This watch is a favourite of mine. Cost buttons but features a Seiko 2720k meca-quartz chronograph movement. I replaced the nasty brown strap with this comfy milanese bracelet.
  8. Morning everybody. Just to say hello. Love wrist watches. Everything from Quartz to Automatic. Swiss to Japanese, ( and Lithuanian).
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