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  1. My first attempt at Macro photography. A video to match too -
  2. It's a fully lumed dial with Swiss SuperLuminova BGW-9, I imagine they paint on lume after the design has been finished but I'm not sure exactly. WRWatches sell them and so do LuciusAtelier, they probably have a clearer idea than I do of how the process works. Thank you! For sure, this one will be with me forever.
  3. Got my modded SKX in the post today - absolutely buzzing with it! Built by a guy called Seikoded from Cheshire. The bezel insert and sapphire crystal also from Cheshire based company SeikoMods. Hands and dial from an Asian company called WRWatches and the caseback from a Belgian private seller who goes by ClockworkMods on facebook. Check out SeikoDed on instagram, he builds custom Seikos all the time. This was his first Hokusai mod though! Ever since I saw this type of mod, I knew I had to have one and it's even better than I could've imagined.
  4. Hahahahaha! I'll have to steal that joke to use one day
  5. Have barely had it off since getting it!
  6. That's true, they do have "verified purchase" checkmarks next to reviews but not sure how legit that is. Always good to get opinions. Yeah, gave them the benefit of the doubt after the first 2 calls but after that was becoming a bit silly. They actually told me the original guy I spoke to "wasn't in the office", then when I called again later, he answered the phone. CWSellors and Jurawatches are the same company I think too.
  7. If I'm buying from a new company, I usually search their name followed by "trustpilot" and read the recent reviews, you can also filter the reviews by good and bad. I think CW Sellors are pretty safe, however, I put a fully refundable 14day deposit down on a watch to reserve it with them, then decided against the purchase after 2 days. I called them 5 times before they finally cancelled it, as they kept putting it off and wouldn't cancel the order until I spoke to the guy that I put the deposit down with. All got sorted in the end thankfully and they were always pleasant on the phone
  8. Hey all! I wanted to get a custom image printed on a watch dial for a Seiko Mod (rather than hand painted). Does anyone know someone that could provide this service for a fee? Preferably UK based but doesn't have to be. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yeah, I'd like to add more watches to the collection but maybe I should start saving early for a Date Just or Explorer. What do you think about Breitling?
  10. SRPE53K1 from FirstClassWathcesSKX013 from WatchNation Just bought my first two watches. Well actually, I first bought a Tissot PR100 and a Seiko SKX007 but then returned them and opted for these two. I wanted a normal watch that I could use everyday without too much fear of bashing it, so that will be the Seiko 5 Sport with its lovely blue dial. As for the SKX013 I went down a bit of a rabbit hole of modding and saw some really cool ones. But the Hokusai Great Wave image really stood out to me, so I've ordered parts and have arranged for a modder to do the installation, so I'll shar
  11. For anyone reading. I've gone down a rabbit hole of Seiko Mods. I'm gonna get the SKX013 and mod it to a Hokusai Great Wave dial and other things!
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