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  1. I assume you will have to pay import duty, vat and handling charge on these are do they have a UK shipping address?
  2. One purchase for me only - Mercer Brigadier, one to come hopefully in the next few weeks which will probably (definitely) top that.
  3. Still got the Mercer Brigadier on my wrist, Day 45. Currently gaining around 1.0-1.5s per day.
  4. We have one of these in the family, underated IMO, very wearable watch. . Omega Constellation 168.0062. My Dad’s came with a spider dial that unfortunately got ruined when moisture got in so now has the plain dark grey dial. 1011 automatic movement which by all accounts is pretty decent. And the best part they go for around £500 in good condition (a spider dial went for £520 on the bay recently), got to be worth that everyday of the week.
  5. Very good choice, they are even better in the flesh and that colour combination is my favourite also. They look good on the bracelet as well, only issue being the price for one if not bought with the watch. Enjoy.
  6. Dress, tool and diver for me therefor JLC Moonphase, AP Royal Oak and Rolex Explorer.
  7. I like this generally but could do with a little refinement to make it les generic, must be something in the Genes about square case watches! My dad (passed onto my son) had a 1970’s Constellation XL 168.0062 and my son has a Bell & Ross BR05 and I am currently eyeing up a Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date.
  8. More info please! Hoping to see one in a couple of weeks, may be a bit early for the Lake Suwa though to compare.
  9. Sounds like the consensus is close but no cigar. I actually think the Omiwatari is a better looking watch and I could get used to the manual wind but I would like to see what it looks like on a bracelet. But again, the price seems a little high given it is not a limited edition (RRP £7700, seen it down to £7400 but that’s it for discounts at the moment). https://www.seikoboutique.co.uk/product/grand-seiko-omiwatari-spring-drive/
  10. As an engineer I had to feed my curiosity to see how accurate my Mercer Brigadier (£250ish with Miyota 9015 auto movement) is, so have been tracking it daily against the clock on my PC (assumed accurate). It was second hand and had not been used for a while but I wear it 24hrs per day. For the first couple of weeks it gained about 4s per day, then lost a second per day for a week or do, stayed static for a week and is now gaining about 1s per day. Once it reaches 60s fast, I will reset and continue, but even at 4s per day fast I can live with that (reset one a month ish or when you get a 28/29/30 day month) but +/- 1s per day is even better. At some point I will show graphs when I have enough data. I guess the biggest variable I have is where I put my arm whilst asleep, which brings the possibility of putting it on the side overnight in an optimal position if I can find one.
  11. For a limited edition I think the price is justified but still expensive, I think the movement has only been in £10k+ very limited editions so far. The manual wind SBGY007 Omiwatari I think is the only other non limited edition spring drive with the meter on the rear, this is a manual wind and part of the more dress watch range but again is £7700 RRP and new so no real discounts yet. However, it seems as though GS have been listening and I am crossing my fingers that the no dial meter spring drive “normal” watches are just around the corner.
  12. Quick google threw this up, is this close ? http://af0210strap.com/the-atp-watch-on-an-a-f-0210-strap/
  13. https://www.grand-seiko.com/uk-en/collections/slga007g New Limited edition Grand Seiko - Heritage Range - Stainless Steel case, Bracelet, Spring Drive 9RA2 with NO indicator on the dial (it's on the rear visible through the display back), 120hr power reserve, 38 jewels, 100m water resistance. Dial and the gold second hand/details look particularly nice with the blue textured dial. Only 2021 being made but RRP is £8200. Looks like another great "one watch" collection. Available December if they are not already gone on pre-order.
  14. Are we opening a book on what it is? I suspect he has blown the budget and it is either a JKC Polaris or a Glashutte SeaQ! Sorry JLC
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