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  1. Doh, just re-read the title of this thread, "More Money than Sense" in my case is probably about £4.50! Disregard my previous posts.
  2. @Kamakazie! Does this hit the spot? https://www.batavi-watches.com/product-page/batavi-architect-blue-steel 39mm, 10.9mm thick, Miyota 9039, there are other interesting colours and currently reduced to 419euro. Or the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80, similar dimensions for around £550.
  3. I think they change the dials fairly regularly once they have sold around 20 of one style. Current style is the Bauhaus (No is) one plus a pilot and a couple of more traditional dress watch style. There was a limited edition called the Scientific dial (the one on the tan strap), Messina lab one and a few others. there also seems to be a 42mm jump seconds version from 2014 which may be pre-Erwin, although it may just be a jump seconds Felix they are certainly an interesting brand and produce some interesting watches (like the small seconds that revolves once per second!).
  4. Reminds me a bit of the Bell&Ross BR05 without the screw heads. Not bad and if you can get on in your budget (1/3 of the RRP) it might be a decent buy.
  5. @Jet Jetski and you can then take it off and show him it all working -
  6. @Jet Jetski that looks chunky! Here’s the Erwin, Quoted at 9mm high (movement 5.7mm) which is much more wearable.
  7. Was that the blue one. Nice. For the quality you get plus they only typically make about ten of every watch and around 200 piece per year they are pretty well priced (c.£5k). I find the jump seconds is a throw back to things like grand father clocks and quite liked the idea, not having been around watches for a long time I didn’t realise the quartz connotations.
  8. Not one watch but my perfect collection - Everyday/Sports - JLC Polaris Date on bracelet Diver - GO SeaQ 39mm on bracelet Dress - Parmigiani Tondo 1950 in Blackdial and white gold on leather strap Birthdate - JLC Memovox, silver dial on tan leather bracelet Chrono - Breguet XX Little luxury addition - Habring2 Erwin jump seconds
  9. Good shout, Inox at 43mm though but the Alliance is 40mm and has an ETA 2892 movement and seems to fit the bill. Good price here - https://www.iguanasell.co.uk/products/victorinox-alliance-mechanical-automatic-watch-black-40-mm-v241898?gclid=CjwKCAiA3L6PBhBvEiwAINlJ9ElzU1Fkyhy9afBu94jiDGCLSelPMneqpPCjj8eO9v0lnR0Q_wtRjhoCFQkQAvD_BwE
  10. just to throw in a hand grenade - Blue Speedy 1995 Cal 1152 38.5mm. Better than the Panda IMO but still doesn't beat the black speedy.
  11. Strap change day ! I have had the Mercer Brigadier on a black leather/suede strap with white stitching since getting the watch. Ordered a cheap rubber strap with curved ends (sub £10 with four pins and a tool for removing the bars) just to see how it looks. On removing the leather strap I found it was starting to tear at one of the lugs so good job I did. I know I have corrosive sweat so probably best to stay away from leather and stick to bracelets and rubber in the future (well except at the weekends when this is the norm ). Anyway, had to slightly bend the bars as the lug holes are fairly close to the main case but it is on and not bad at all, not a perfect fit but perfectly passable for a garden/garage beater. To my surprise the Mercer butterfly clasp fitted great which was a bonus. Before After, not a perfect fit but I can live with it for less than a tenner, looks like it was designed for Rolex Sub style lugs (may get one navy for the Invicta at some point). May have a firkle later and see if I can get it to sit a little better. Clasp, excuse the desk rash !
  12. If you get the chance then see if you can try on the new Seamaster 300 (ref., I was very impressed with it, better than the 300M or 600M or Aquaterra IMO. The bracelet has a ratchet micro adjust as well which is nice.
  13. Also have a search for “Cartier Tank a Vis” this brings up a couple of styles. The wandering hands Cartier are £20k plus and manual watches though, and the No. 001MG is possibly a bit suspicious as this would be the first off the production line if it is correct and the rear engraving is not as fine as I would expect from a Cartier. Also the crown is generally of the right shape bet dimensions are a bit clunky compared to the Wandering Hands Cartier in the other picture. However best to get it authenticated if you can as @WRENCH says.
  14. Probably the easiest is to take it into an independent jeweller/watch shop and see if they will take the back off, there may be model numbers are other Cartier marks inside and the movement may also be marked. It may cost you a fiver or they may be kind and do it for free, worth asking. Edit - have a search for Cartier Wandering Hands this may help a little, there are similar but not the same that I can find as yet.
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