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  1. If you get the chance then see if you can try on the new Seamaster 300 (ref., I was very impressed with it, better than the 300M or 600M or Aquaterra IMO. The bracelet has a ratchet micro adjust as well which is nice.
  2. Also have a search for “Cartier Tank a Vis” this brings up a couple of styles. The wandering hands Cartier are £20k plus and manual watches though, and the No. 001MG is possibly a bit suspicious as this would be the first off the production line if it is correct and the rear engraving is not as fine as I would expect from a Cartier. Also the crown is generally of the right shape bet dimensions are a bit clunky compared to the Wandering Hands Cartier in the other picture. However best to get it authenticated if you can as @WRENCH says.
  3. Probably the easiest is to take it into an independent jeweller/watch shop and see if they will take the back off, there may be model numbers are other Cartier marks inside and the movement may also be marked. It may cost you a fiver or they may be kind and do it for free, worth asking. Edit - have a search for Cartier Wandering Hands this may help a little, there are similar but not the same that I can find as yet.
  4. I had a similar experience to you (there is a long thread on it if you search). Had a long short list, took a day out and visited a number on shops to look at them, some were instantly ruled out and a couple came from left field and made the short short list, one in particular looks nothing like the online pictures in real life (Omega Seamaster 300, 2021 version). In the end I did go for one of my pre-visit favourites but in a different colour/size. Again, at each shop I asked for discount but non was offered so bought online at nearly 20% discount (which was substantial on a £8k watch). The fact that the online shop also has a small showroom/office was a bonus and have popped in since. Worth noting that to maximise my time I centred the visits around South Kensington, within around 200yard you have all of the Harrods Boutiques, WOS, Grand Seiko Boutique, Rolex and Omega and probably a few more I did not find or need to visit. Most were very friendly but one was a little Shiny Suited and every third sentence was “are you going to buy today?”, the rhino skin coat did its job.
  5. Wore my Omega Polaris for 30+ years and never gave the 32mm size a thought, but it now feels tiny after wearing a 40mm and 42mm for a few months to get used to the current larger size. I still wear the omega once in a while and it still feels comfortable, like an old pair of slippers.
  6. The Reverie Fiver looks similar to the Sternglass, Miyota 9039 movement, however I have no idea about the brand/quality but there seems to be a few good YouTube reviews, Singapore assembled. 125 pieces per colour only. Probably just about cones in on budget when you take into account postage and exchange rates but worth you doing the maths. https://www.reveriewatches.com/store/p24/Diver.html Sorry best photo I could upload.
  7. Class Epitomised! Just had to go on their website and play around with the configuration. Love the Dornblüth kraftzwölf with the “12” numeral that changes colour to identify remaining reserve.
  8. Put on a Rhino skin coat [to deflect shiny suited salespeople] and go and try a few on in bricks and mortar establishments that take your fancy from review/pics/WRYW thread. You may find they do not suit, are a perfect match or you may stumble across sone hidden gems. It was educational to me as just handling the watches told you so much and in my case discounted a few I thought I’d love and identified a couple that I really liked that at had not even considered.
  9. Best of both worlds - (sorry date not set correctly) No Date Day Date Seconds date
  10. Scores on the board Miss Ford so far #1 - 6 #2 - 8
  11. Bet the long served engineers love making new starters and apprentices go to the four corners for a long stand, a long weight, sparks for the grinder etc.
  12. I think this thread needs your input https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/152419-do-your-watches-have-names/#comment-1612793
  13. Surprised no one has mentioned Jenni Elle yet ?
  14. @spinynorman That Orefa reminded me of this IWC lug from the 1950's, nice, and I guess the inspiration doe the Parmigiani ones. and this variation @Karrusel That Autorist always makes me think of how ingenious that is but nor sure how practical. Thanks for posting.
  15. This popped up,on my Facebook page today, Lange Motorsystems in Wigan are doing a 250cc two stroke twin pushing out 75hp. Nice looking cafe racer / street fighter style bike and only 100 being made. Deposit of £1000 and then I saw the final price …………wait for it …………£28k+vat https://langenmotorcycles.co.uk/langen-two-stroke/
  16. A picture popped up on my Facebook today of a 1950’s JLC Memovox with interesting lugs so thought it might be fun to see what variety there is about and what people prefer. The JLC in question has barrel lugs that apparently lift the watch off the wrist to increase the volume of the alarm (mechanical using the back as a speaker). It also creates quite an interesting look as well, and by all accounts you could also buy it at the same time fitted with standard lugs. Also like the Parmigiani Tondo lugs, just a bit different and I think they suit the dress watch style.
  17. From my limited knowledge there seems to be two camps (but probably more if I really thought hard) - 1) "continuation" classic watches, I guess similar to the Shelby/AC Cobra or possible the Porsche 911 which has either been faithfully produced for many years but maybe with breaks in service/production or very slowly evolved over the years making very minor tweaks at each iteration, mainly internal. A number of Rolex watches fall into this category and maybe the Omega Moon Watch. 2) "new replica" or "inspired by" watches. These tend to be new version of a watch that was either ground breaking or a landmark for that particular brand and has been brought back for a myriad of reasons (anniversaries, follow trends, make a quick buck etc.) but typically after a significant break in production and with minor styling tweaks to update the look. Think new Fiat 500 or latest VW Beetle. In this category I would add the JLC Polaris Date/Memovox, Blancpain Fifty Fathom (especially the special editions) and Omega Heritage 300's. 3) I said there may be more categories so there is also the "radically altered" category. These are watches that bear the name and if you squint and look out the corner of your eye they may resemble certain aspects of the original and channels the original's heritage for marketing/profit reasons. Carry in on the car analogy these may be BMW Mini, Jaguar S Type, Alpine A110 or Fiat 124. The Omega Seamaster Railmaster comes to mind on this one. Anyway, I do like me a bit of heritage so all three categories are OK with me but it does smack of laziness from the manufacturers but who can blame them if they sell well and the profit can be re-invested in more interesting new designs alongside the Golden Oldies (or new versions of them).
  18. Thanks - the SLGA009 White birch is close but at over £8k it is getting quite pricey if it were around £4-5k it would be closer to the mark, I did try the SLGH005 white birch on and it is a big hunk of a watch plus a hi-beat movement. The SBGY007 Omiwatari is hand wound and again close to £8k and almost no water resistance but a very nice watch and again I have tried that on and it is class, a contender for a dress watch.
  19. There are a couple of companies that provide a customisable pilot watch where you can chose case size, dial, wording on the dial, straps and even movement. Dekla do Sw200/ETA 2824 versions with a SW300 option and come in under £1000. Lace also use the SW200 and you can chose two variants and with day/date. https://deklawatches.com/en/pilot/ https://www.laco.de/en/configurator/862141-A-40-G-E-X-A-E-U-H-L-B-R The Hamilton Khaki Aviation pilot pioneer is also nice imo. https://www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-gb/h76205530-khaki-aviation-pilot-pioneer.html
  20. Oh, a Grand Seiko with an automatic spring drive (now manual) movement but no reserve indicator on the dial and preferably in a 38 or 39mm case and it is not a special edition that sells out in 1 hour and at a similar price to the Snowflake. i.e. either an Omiwatari with an automatic movement or a Snowflake without the reserve indicator or a non limited edition Lake Suwa.
  21. Nice one, that would be nice. They did a limited edition mariner version with a date and bracelet (graded blue dial) but in a 42mm, so close but no cigar.
  22. Rolex return to the 39mm case for the OP/Explorer and re-introduce the Rhodium/Blue accent dial (my favourite), current 36mm to 41mm is too big a gap and 36mm is a bit small and 41mm verging on large for me. The 39mm Explorer is an almost perfect one watch collection.
  23. I like the design of this watch, it’s got a Seiko VH31 quartz movement, WR300 and I like the crown on it. However you may need to mentally get over the name that sounds like a 1980’s perfume sold at boots, Charlie Paris. 275 Euro for the quartz version. They have other styles with a nice Chrono, a more “Nomos” style one., field watch and a more dressy solar quartz. https://charlie-paris.com/en/collections/montre-homme
  24. I would expect nothing less from an accountant Do your kids have numbers as well?
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