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  1. Watch repairer says there's a broken part and the watch is too old to obtain it. So I was thinking to ask him if he could swop out the mechanical movement with a quartz movement. I know it would zero the watch's value but I don't care as it's minimum anyway. Anyone ever done this?
  2. Hi, that's an idea but I don't think so. The pic makes it look much larger than it really is. Right now it's in the watch maker shop for a service. I'll take a pic of the movement when I get it back in a couple of weeks. Watch maker says the movement is marked Swiss made. But Arcadian as a watch brand doesn't come up anywhere on the internet. Mystery!
  3. Spinynorman, I could send you a pic of the watch. Do you have an email I could use for that purpose?
  4. Arcadian. Actually a beautiful watch but no idea of the age or the brand. Might be Spanish?
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