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  1. Just dont get it How about now I have added them to shared album I need to get off Google Photos.
  2. My Avia, purchased by my wife for my 21st . Recently repaired by the amazing Simon2. 20 years old and good as new.
  3. Following on from post, received the below today. Just need to get a nice strap now
  4. Afternoon all, Received the below piece today and want a nice strap to make it wearable. What would you strap masters recommend Leather? Nato? any recommended stockists I should look at? Thanks in advance Bulldozer
  5. Arrived today! Finally joined the Club
  6. Try again as not sure if other pic posted. Please confirm if it can be seen,
  7. Fabulous! Il have a look into Flikr but at least you can see the Roamer. now to find all my other picture posts and update them so they can be seen.
  8. Yes - using Google photos Can you see the below?
  9. Yeah its a lovely piece, but I've gone with the Roamer. Not sure if I got value but it looks beautiful and as I said my collection is very modest and in its infancy. Now to try to fix this pic issue as I thought you could see the pics i've been posting, Can you see that now?
  10. Thanks appreciate the feedback. This is the inside.
  11. Afternoon all, I'm trying to put together a modest start of a collection and the advice and information here has been invaluable. I'm looking for one last purchase for 2020 and have around £70 to spend. Seen a few possible candidates on Ebay. I want to get something a little older around 50's as I just love the thought of the piece having some history. Which would be the smarter purchase Allaine 25 Rubis automatic or Roamer Popular Both look beautiful and i'm no going to be looking to profit from them, i just wanted thoughts on which would make the
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