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  1. hi hope you found out but the Hand Sizes are : Min .65, Hr 1.10, Sec .20
  2. Hello I’m in uk could anyone help maybe have a old e168m eco drive or the second gear and pinion from one or barring that a part number for one any help apreciated. I can’t seem to find technical manual or parts list anywhere.I am After trying to repair rather than get new as just got into horology and find it fun. Thanks in advance
  3. Hmm battery changed analogue works light works beep when pressing top left but no digital will need to disassembly and investigate
  4. Hi im new to forum and ive got into repairing watches over the last couple of years saw this form the otherday and thought it was great
  5. Thank you for posting picked one of these up in a bundle of watches and analogue working but not digital thought there must be 2 batterys your guide is excelent and i will give mine a bash when home thanks again
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