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  1. Very few " Incoming !! " threads at the moment . Will this year see even less stock arriving at the ADs ? Mainly due to lower numbers produced due to the impact of Covid ? Will overall demand for Rolex remain as high as in in 2020 ? Will the economic impact have an effect on secondary market demand or will we see stabilization of demand ? What do you think ? How do you see the year developing ?
  2. After a couple hints...more like I want a Peloton the decision has been made to get a spin bike for the house. Looked at the new plus bike from Peloton seems fine...Also have heard a lot about echelon.. they have a new seven series bike out that is supposed to be the latest and greatest.... my main problem with Peloton is the 12 week wait. Echelon says we can have their bike in 7-10 days... Anyone have a Echelon? I did wait almost a year for my first Daytona but months for a bike.... good problem to have for Peloton
  3. I tried one on and even though it's sort of not my thing, but I remember being impressed, and thought it wore very well on my wrist.
  4. Hi all, I currently have a Sub 114060 and just recently bought a Grey Faced Aqua Terra Omega and now I am looking for a 3rd watch in the, under 10k price range. I have 3 great nephews, ages 18, 17, and 16 and my plan is, when someday I leave this earth, I want to pass on a watch to each of them, as they are great nephews. Everyday it's a coin toss on what watch to wear between the Rolex or Omega because I really like both of them equally! I am leaving the Sub to the oldest nephew, the Omega to the second nephew and my third nephew, who is currently 16, I would like to pick up a
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed before. How many times a day do you change your watch? Or do you wear the same watch all day? I usually change watches once or twice a day. When I go out for work, I always match my Rolex to what I'm wearing: particularly my shirt/jacket and shoes. When I come home to relax, I'll usually change clothes and put on my Oyster Perpetual, which I also wear to bed.
  6. Happy new year 2021 everyone I have a TT Daytona Ref 116523 that I have bought new in 2004 it is a y serial. The watch is in near mint condition and keeps excellent time around +4 sec a day. I wear it in rotation among other watches and I never expose it to water or any extreme conditions (this goes for all my watches). I'm thinking of sending it for its 1st service to RSC however I have few questions that I prefer to know from experienced forum members especially those who have serviced a Daytona: 1- The bezel which is 18k gold has some light scratches (nothing too deep) d
  7. Hi all, I’ve just registered here, hello! Not new to watches though. I’ve owned a datejust for 30 years or so and a submariner for the last 7-ish. 50 years old, just retired, plenty of time on my hands. Hope to join. Some of the spirited discussion! brisboxer.
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