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  1. Hi guys, Sorry to be so unoriginal, but I'm a bit stuck here and need to pick your brains for a minute. I'm on the market for a non-diver sports watch. My ideal watch is a Sinn 556i... if it were half the price. I'm after something with: A rugged/Sporty look. Around 38mm (a bit bigger is OK providing it has a bezel). Preferably not from a microbrand. Not much more than 500€ - 600$. Ideally all brushed, if it has some polished surfaces should be discreet. No preference as to quartz or mechanical. Many thanks and looking forward to hearing your ideas!
  2. What watch do you wear at the AD, which would be best - another Rolex, a different brand, whatever is in rotation, no watch at all? I usually wear whatever is in rotation, so 1 out of 10 chance it's my Rolex, and sometimes no watch at all to make it easier to try watches on. Maybe that sends the wrong signal? How about you
  3. Congratulations on your latest arrival.
  4. What Rolex have you discussed with your AD and hopefully get the call? I have discussed a Daytona several times but I doubt it will happen.
  5. I have a similar watch. Welcome back and enjoy it!
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