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  1. It’s dull and miserable here in Co. Durham so I thought I’d add a splash of colour into my day:- Bulova Chronograph A “Surfboard” on a Veryan NATO Watch Strap By Zuludiver from www.watchgecko.com
  2. Don’t mind the design but that logo and full name.... at this price point it seems a tad expensive imo
  3. Very interesting and definitely a bit different to the usual, probably not for me but at a little over £200 they are remarkably cheap.
  4. Yeah looking at previous completed listings prices seem to have progressively increased more recently, C24 seems to have a few but they don’t really start to appear until closer to the £2000 price bracket. I’ll have a shop around, one issue is no local dealers open so I’ll not be able to find something face-to-face and haggle (or try it against the larger Pro to see how different they are on wrist). Maybe I hold for now and see how things look in the summer.
  5. Accuracy isn’t so much of an issue as I’ve always got my phone, as long as I’m within a few minutes from a glance at my watch that’s good enough for me. Does £1500-1600 seem about right for a Reduced?
  6. If that’s the case then maybe my only option is the Woman’s version or I reconsider what I’m looking for.
  7. Hey, Hope everyone has had a good week so far, I’m currently looking at picking up a Speedmaster Reduced (as much as I would love the Pro I just feel it will wear too large on a 17cm wrist). There seem to be a lot of Reduced available on the used market at very attractive prices (around £1500). Are there any pitfalls with the Reduced that I need to be aware of or things to look out for if shopping for one of these used (I generally only buy watches new). Any other advice or opinions welcome Thanks, Rookie
  8. I’ve found that online takes away a lot of what you get when you visit the AD, beyond that you don’t get to build that relationship and the discount that go with it, when you order online you are just a packing number for someone in a distribution centre Not that it’s stopped me, I still bought 5 watches last year and with my eye on a 2021 Speedy it’s possible I’ll pull the trigger before we are out of lockdown.
  9. Possibly a bit of an odd question, but what does everyone do as far as watch storage goes? Currently I have probably the cheapest watch box available on Amazon but one of the issues is that the cushions are too small for the actual slots so the watches are never secure when inside it (if the box is tilted they all fall in that direction - it’s really not great). I’ve seen a few different types of storage online but before progressing any sort of purchase I thought I’d see how/what everyone else does as far as storage goes? (This is what I currently have from Amazon, yes it’s as
  10. Like the others have said, go for something you‘ll enjoy... If I had to pick I’d probably look at:- Omega - New 2021 Speedmaster Professional (Moonwatch). Zenith - El Primero IWC - Portugieser Chronograph But there really are too many great watches in this price bracket, my first pick would have been a Rolex Sub 11xxxx or 12xxxx model but you’ve already got one of those, possibly a Seamaster (one of the bond ones - we all want to be James Bond), the list could go on and on
  11. Hey, Hope everyone has had a good week, I’m hoping to get some suggestions of alternatives to the Seiko Prospex SRPC33 Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Very much this, I’d also avoid anywhere that is currently running a sale... it never ends well!
  13. Can’t see any of them.... OP use https://imgbb.com if you don’t want to make an account.
  14. Previously I trusted Trustpilot but after reading and watching several piece around how easy it is to fake these reviews (there are websites where you can even select the amount of 1 - 5 star reviews to make things look legit) I now prefer to ask the wider community where you are likely to get real experiences and responses. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43907695) Glad you got your refund eventually but it does seem a little strange giving you the runaround when it came to cancelling it.
  15. More so depending on activities, in pre-COVID times I would change when going climbing or kayaking to something more suitable, days when just in the office or around the house I’d just pick-and-stick to one.
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