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  1. So I’ve had four recent disappointing purchases:- 1), NTTD Seamaster, I bought this blind and it was a BIG mistake, I just couldn’t get away with how light it was on the wrist, it’s a gorgeous time piece and I like the bond connection (and the subtle way they did it this time) but it just felt cheap on the wrist, even as a smaller guy I prefer my watch to have a noticeable heft to it. Fortunately since it was an online purchase I was able to return it for a refund under the 14 days distance selling regulation so didn’t end up out of pocket. 2), Bulova Chronograph A “Surfboard”, I really like this watch, the design is stunning, it’s a unique and fun colour way and just has something that makes it eye catching... unfortunately once receiving it I just found it never got the wrist time I thought it would, I just couldn’t get on with it once on my wrist and always felt it was too loud and not really “me” tbh I was a little mad with myself for not appreciating it more as it’s a lovely watch.... I ended up selling it at a small loss (£30). 3), Orient Kamasu, totally my own doing with this one, I decided to play-it-safe and opted for the all black version, unfortunately “safe” resulted in it feeling very lacklustre and a little boring on the wrist, it just felt bland and undesirable, which is a true shame as it’s an amazing watch for its price point, I might revisit it but in one of the more interesting colour ways as I did enjoy the watch. 4), Christopher Ward C60 BLUE edition, probably saved the best to last, this was bought as part of my bonus for 2020, I fell in love with the design and colour, out of every watch I’ve owned it’s still the most interesting and unique looking, the translucent dial and engraved details were beautiful. Unfortunately the watch arrived with a defect that the manufacturer wouldn’t acknowledge, fix or replace, so I ended up returning it under their 60/60/60 scheme. The reason this makes this list is because I was really disappointed that they wouldn’t resolve the issue as I was very excited to own the watch.
  2. Probably between these two:- I’m probably leaning towards the Tudor, at £3,900 before any AD discount it’s a remarkable watch for it’s price point,
  3. I have absolutely no idea how I’ve managed to miss this over the last week-or-so, but wow! That new selection of BB Chrono’s is simply stunning:- I do get a slight Daytona vibe from them (not a bad thing), although it’s still more than different enough to be taken seriously as it’s own thing, probably leaning towards the white even though the black looks more legible. Priced at £3,900 on bracelet and with the recent price hike by Omega for the Speedy could we see this as the go-to “Budget” Chrono on the market, especially considering it’s got the heritage, and who am I kidding, It’s a COSC Chrono for under £4K!? They’ve also got the size right at 41mm making it wearable for the majority of people, I was worried that it was going to be 42-44 so really pleased with that. It’s likely to be my watch for 2021 if they don’t become a unicorn of sorts before I buy one, I can definitely see it having a waiting list and the initial price going up somewhat on the grey market as it’s likely to be popular and sell above list. Personally, I feel that Tudor have been hitting home-runs, the BB58 Blue last year is gorgeous and priced to sell, these new additions are again fantastic time pieces and priced at a point more accessible than the competition (I would have preferred a red BB58 than the other colour ways but I guess they are holding that for 2022). Whats everyone else’s thoughts and opinion? Are you disappointed that they didn’t look to do something more unique / interesting or do you think they’ve moved into a space that would benefit from this type of aggressively priced time piece?
  4. I got a man and his watch last year, very much worth the money. I’ll have a look at a journey through time, although £300 might be a bit steep! I’m open to read anything tbh, from history around specific manufacturers, the history of horology, watches in military, industry and aerospace to simply catalogues heavy on picture or things that make good coffee table style books. Ive got some way to go to have 4m worth full (I’ll need a bigger bookshelf as mines only 3m!).
  5. Hey, Hope everyone has started the week well, I’ve recently moved home and have a generous sized bookshelf that needs some filling so I thought I’d ask if anyone knows of any good watch books or catalogues that would make a good addition, are worth a read, or will just make a nice coffee table/display pieces? Cheers,
  6. If I had £100 to spend on Amazon I’d probably grab a Mirage Watch Roll, I’ve had one in my basket multiple times but haven’t pulled the trigger (Edit: just checked and Mirage seem to no longer list on Amazon UK). Beyond that I’d probably use it towards another hobby or save them for when something stands out that I want/need.
  7. I got out of supply chain & logistics last year as I saw the storm coming, kind of glad I did as everyone I know that is still in the industry are having a total nightmare.
  8. Can’t go wrong with the Kamasu, amazing watch for the money and a great first purchase, I’ve got one in black but wish I had got the blue (the blacks too uninteresting imo), let us know how you get on but most importantly make sure to upload some photos once it arrives!
  9. That’s not too bad, it’s only running 30 days slow... might want to regulate it though
  10. Yeah, ignore the snobs, they exist in every hobby (I also collect men’s high-end fragrances and the snobbery in that niche is unreal). Most people here are great and very helpful/knowledgeable, but the best thing is they are welcoming to everyone which is great! Hows the search going down far? I think you had mentioned possibly going for a Kamasu?
  11. I like it, but think I’d need to sell a kidney to have a chance at one during my lifetime, the standard sub at just over £7k is my “achievable” grail lol!
  12. There’s a sale section? Maybe I shouldn’t ask... this could be dangerous for my bank balance...
  13. I was more referring to the colour, that it has no gradient to it, it’s a single tone resulting in it just looking flat and a little underwhelming.
  14. Maybe I need to see one in person, but the Pelagos always looks a little “flat” to me in photos.
  15. Back in December I returned a watch due to a fault, after returning it I thought I’d wait and not impulse buy anything, a month or so on and I still can’t help but want a blue diver in my collection. I’ve looked at a few models but nothings really grabbed me so I thought I’d come here to see what everyone else’s favourite blue diver is and hopefully get a little inspiration at what is out there (I’m not too focused on price // brand at the moment, just want to get some ideas). So, what’s your favourite blue diver? (Pictures are a must ).
  16. Welcome to the forum A few I would recommend in the £400 price tier;- Orient have the Ray, Mako, Kanno and Kamasu to name a few in this price tier (they also have things like the Bambino which are well regarded), I have a Kamasu and at its price point there’s not a lot better than it on paper. Seiko also have some offerings here in their 5 Sports range, for these I would advise avoiding eBay as there are a lot of rebuilds and franken-watches which are not worth it. For Orient and Seiko the likes of https://www.amazon.co.uk are a safe place to shop, https://www.cwsellors.co.uk stock Seiko and if you are happy to wait https://www.jomashop.com is also an option that stock both (you might have additional import related duties to pay with JomaShop but on my last Bulova purchase I didn’t). If you want something that’s a little more colourful and different maybe check out Phoibus or Zelos, they’ve got some great offerings and you can just buy direct from their websites:- Phoibus:- https://phoiboswatcheurope.com Zelos:- https://zeloswatches.com £400 will also put you into Hamilton Khaki territory so I’d definitely recommend checking them out as they are a great watch and well regarded in the community. https://www.hamiltonwatch.com A couple of brands that I like which don’t get as much love are Junkers and Iron Annie, they have a more Bauhaus inspired take on design and produce some fantastic looking minimalist pieces. https://shop.junkers.de/en/ https://www.pointtec.de/ironannie/en/ An outsider is Islander Watches, these seem to be great value pieces and the range is only growing and growing as they develop their own brand (again, these are in the US so there’s a chance you could have additional import duties to pay when the watch lands in the UK, but since Brexit you’ll have this with everything that’s not already in the UK). Long Island Watch also stock Seiko and Orient so it’s another good place to check for them. https://www.longislandwatch.com/Islander_Watches_s/2006.htm Beyond that brands like Bulova, Casio, Citizen are all worth checking out as you never know what might catch your eye. https://uk.bulova.com https://www.casio.co.uk https://www.citizenwatch.co.uk Finally, I’d say to check out Christopher Ward, they are a British watch company and make some great pieces (although possibly out of budget), although If you sign-up to the free Loupe magazine you’ll get sent a £100-£150 voucher to use on their website (the magazine is actually pretty nice too). Christopher Ward:- https://www.christopherward.com As far as shopping goes you are pretty safe with a lot of the recognised high-street jewellers, Goldsmiths, Beaverbrooks etc but if you are unsure ask on here and people should be able to say if it’s a safe site or not. Hopefully that’s some food for thought and doesn’t overwhelm you haha, once you’ve settled on a few models feel free to pop back and ask any questions you might have around a specific brand, movement etc and everyone here will be happy to help. The best advice I can give though is take your time and try not to impulse buy, back when I started I fell into that trap and bought watches that never even saw my wrist. Good luck and remember it’s a slippery slope, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that your £400 budget grows to £500-600 after you’ve shopped around a little to see what’s out there, one thing that I’ve found useful to to watch a lot of YouTube videos around specific models I’m interested in to get a little more info before taking the plunge and making a purchase.
  17. Had a few watches with it in, no issues for me with any of them, seems to be a workhorse of a movement imo.
  18. Casio GA-2100-1A1 - I looked at buying one for almost a month before pulling the trigger, it arrived and in usual fashion I was excited to open it, but once it was on the wrist it just felt really lacklustre, in the end I returned it for a refund as it just didn’t feel special like my other watches do when I wear them. I’m also considering selling an Orient Kamasu, I decided to order the black dial/bezel version as a “safe” choice thinking it would be versatile (it is) but it just feels so bland and boring, it’s not that I don’t appreciate it (it’s a fantastic watch for its price point) but I don’t seem to enjoy it either... I’ll see how things go this next month and then might move it on as I pull money together for my next purchase. Finally, I own a Vincero.... ..... ..... ..... ..... good night!
  19. Easy answer, stay single, has worked well for me so far.
  20. I recently watched the NTTD trailer and thought that Bond had some interesting looks in the different scenes that were shown, I know in the movie he will be wearing the NTTD Seamaster 300m but based on the following looks what watches would you choose? 1), Cartier Tank Solo Large (Ref.W5200004) 2), Rolex Submariner (Ref. 6538) 3), Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra (SS 4), Zenith Chronomaster Sport (Ref 03.3100.3600/69.M3100) 5), IWC Portugieser Automatic (Ref. IW358306) 6), Casio G Shock (Ref.2100-1A1) (Yes I’m having a slow work day.... )
  21. That’s my go-to if I’ve asked someone to do something and enough time has elapsed without contact that I need to know if they’ve done the requested activity.
  22. Not a huge fan of it, and definitely don’t want to see it become the “normal” within the watch industry, I’ve never had to register my interest for a watch but I know my dads been on the list for a Sub coming up two years now.... Maybe I’m a little stubborn but I’ve always had the frame of mind that if you can’t provide the goods then I’ll take my money elsewhere (be it for the same product or a competitors), it’s like they are trying to make it like some sort of exclusive club and creating further snobbery within the watch game.... I could understand if these were extremely limited release but some of these watches are mass produced. Just my opinion of course.
  23. Yeah I’m not spending the retail value, the trade is against a car and we’ve agreed the watch is valued at £5500 if I’ll take it as part payment towards it (he doesn’t have any other watches to offer/trade). I’ll probably go through with it and if the watch turns out not to be for me I’ll look to flip it.
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