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  1. What are your thoughts on these. I like what I see, but then I like big bold retro things. Not just watches. I'm taken with these and may take the plunge
  2. Wow. I feel like the poor relation. I have just two but I feel more will come
  3. Maybe its best to not to get too bogged down with this but it's not easy. I spent some time adjusting my new Vostok red sea which was running insanely fast (on the wrist) at +40 a day. As I write I'm about 3 hours away from my 24 hour check but so far it's at +2 per day. It's all quite exciting
  4. Well now I'm not so sure I was getting a real world reading. Since doing this I wore my worst performing Seiko, which is a brand new one I got in H Samuel's in their sale for half price. I synced it with the speaking clock and so far it's running at +6 seconds a day (24 hours) So I don't understand that at all.
  5. 3k is a huge amount for me but if I was lucky enough to have that amount to drop on a watch it'd be a used seamaster.
  6. OK I know there's no substitute for the proper equipment but today just for a bit of fun I tried to 5 of my watches on one of these apps. I did the test on each one in three positions and worked out an average. According to this app, my worst are my two quite new Seiko 5's which are a whole minute out. In third place is my Vostok Red Sea at - 25. Second place my Omega Speedmaster Pro at +15 Best is my Vostok Komenderskie at +6 I can't quite believe that but that's what it said.
  7. Yes very. Pretty good for just over a fiver posted.
  8. Having said I'm happy with the bracelet I decided to go with this, if for no other reason than the watch is like wearing a house brick
  9. I bought the same watch recently but mine has a submarine on the dial. Now I'm going to have to get one with a tank.
  10. It's arrived and I'm bowled over. In terms of build quality it's a huge leap up from the Komenderskie I bought but then it's three times the price. For a sub £200 watch it's pretty amazing. OK so I know nothing about the mechanics of these but I've seen in depth reviews by skilled technicians who say that these movements are good for the money. One criticism I've heard is in regard to the bracelet but I have no issues with it. It's absolutely fine at the price point. They've obviously targeted the wider European market with this because unlike my other Vostok, all the markings are in English and there's even English instructions. Like all bulky divers this is no watch for shrinking violets. It's a big brash thing with a touch of elegance. A great quirky alternative to the standard look divers watches and definitely for those who like things different. I've yet to assess its accuracy but to be honest I'd still be happy if it gained or lost 10 minutes a day. Absolutely chuffed to bits with it. Nearly forgot I should add for those who don't know that this movement can be hand wound but still doesn't have hacking seconds. I'm actually fine with no date. That's never a major consideration for me in a watch
  11. Well overdue now but who do I send it to. Omega charge £675 Their appointed service centres are around £500. I'm not being a cheapskate but there must be smaller independents capable of doing the work + I'd rather support them with my business than the big players. Any recommendations?
  12. This is a valid question which environmentalists tend to steer clear of. Lithium is very nasty stuff. It can't be incinerated meaning the only option for disposal is landfill. Yes a proportion can be recycled but not indefinitely. Eventually it has to go into the ground. I'm all for emissions free power sources but I think with batteries we're taking the problem out of the atmosphere and literally sweeping it under the carpet.
  13. The guy I'm buying from is an eBay seller who claims to be the only UK importer. OK so I'm paying more than I would ordering it direct but at least its coming from the UK. He had two in stock. The one in the photo and a blue dial version. I've gone for the white. There isn't a whole lot of info on this watch and most of the reviews are Russian but here's a good one I found.
  14. Not a cafe racer in the true sense but a great bike. I've owned it for 4 years and you wouldn't prize it away from me with a crow bar
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