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  1. Ah, I did see the 'completed' button but it then seemed to want a member's name attached to it. I can now see you leave that blank, thank you.
  2. No idea where else to post this, sorry. Can anyone advise how to end a classified ad (item not sold on here).
  3. There aren’t any photos of the replica to compare with. The image they use is the same generic image as high street jewellers use. LINK REMOVED
  4. Received it today, came with all the correct boxes/leaflets/cards. Checked out the serial number on the TAG website and the warranty activation on there matches the date on the 'credit card' It's legit, I'm sure of it (and chuffed, saved myself £500 over new price)
  5. Thanks I've signed up for the gallery option and will post photos ASAP.
  6. My daily clunker, Steinhart Nav-B chrono Recently serviced by Steinhart for free as I noticed it was losing a few minutes a month. They even paid shipping from UK-Germany-UK, amazing service.
  7. It's the latest one. I have the warranty card, but don't have a receipt as the guy got it as a bonus from work and therefore wasn't the purchaser. I'll post some photos and see what people think. Can you only post photos from URLs on here, I can't see an 'insert photo option?
  8. Hi, all Just bought myself a TAG red bull limited edition with the model reference CAZ101AB.BA0842 The seller seems legit, I got into a lengthy chat with him about it and know his home address and place of work etc. But until I get proper authentication I know I will always have a nagging doubt. Is there anywhere I can send it and pa for this service? I had a look at the TAG repair centre (Manchester) website, but the list of services they offer doesn't include a simple authenticity check. Grateful for any advice.
  9. Hello everyone, new user from Aberdeen. Currently have a couple of TAG watches, an auto F1 with ceramic bezel and a quartz red bull limited edition. Also have a Steinhart Nav chrono as my daily clunker.
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