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  1. I ordered an Amphibian thru Amazon and got it in about 6 weeks from a Russian seller. It just came in a couple of days ago. I just ordered some accessories from Meranom also 2 days ago. I will post here to let you know how long it takes. Meranom warns that it will take an extended period of time to recieve the product. 1 or 2 months.
  2. Right now I am waiting for tools to arrive. Plus I am waiting for the movement to arrive in the mail. I live in Panama so I have to have anything I buy sent to a freight forwarder in Florida that will then transfer it to Panama. The practice watch movement isn't supposed to reach me until sometime in February. I am a little worried that I am going to have problems trying to re-assemble the watch or maybe even destroy it. I am not deterred though. I am still excited about it. I have down loaded some very good video's that show how to disassemble and assemble this watch and also lubricate it. I just need to take my time and try not to break something due to carelessness in the process. Wish me luck. If I can get it done I plan to take this movement apart and re-assemble it over and over a few times as an excersise. Hopefully I will learn something.
  3. Thats a good idea also. If I can actually take the chinese clone movement apart and put it back together I will try ordering some used Russian movements.
  4. I have just ordered a Parnis 6497 clone field watch. The watch looks great and was only 60 dollars. I bought it with the idea that I can use a youtube video as a guide for disassembling and assembling this chinese clone 6497 movement. I have never tried to do this. I have also ordered tools and oils needed to try this project. Has anyone tried to do a project like this? What do you think of this idea? This watch movement is pretty good sized and is simple in design with no extra complications. The second hand is near the number nine on the watch face. My plan is this. If I can learn to service this movement I want to then try and service a Vostoc Amphibian movement 2815b which is another no date movement except that it is automatic where the 6497 is just a basic mechanical movement.
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