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  1. So, you might have seen a few news stories lately about the Antikythera mechanism. If you're not familiar with it, it's a 2000-year-old hand-operated device from ancient Greece that is often described as the world's first analogue computer. It was used by the ancient Greeks as a calendar and to predict astronomical events such as eclipses and planetary positions - and even calculate when the Olympic Games should be held. Fascinating stuff, indeed! A team at UCL recently put together a recreation of the complex gearing on the front panel (see here) . This was very interesting and especial
  2. Indeed! When there is any news, we will announce on our website, in the Horological Journal, and on here.
  3. Please feel free to contact us here or directly if you have any questions. There isn't any deadline for completing the distance learning course so you can take it at any pace.
  4. An Introduction to the British Horological Institute Hello, Watch Forum users. Since you’re on this website, there is a chance you may have heard of us, the British Horological Institute (BHI). If you haven’t, however, allow us to introduce ourselves. We have been training clock and watch makers since 1858. We run distance learning courses, which have received unprecedented demand in the last year during lockdown, and in normal times we also run on-site practical courses at our headquarters, the magnificent Upton Hall in Newark, Nottinghamshire. These courses last anything from
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