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  1. Hi does anyone have link to instructions for relaxing crystal in a Seiko quartz square face watch serial number 6530-5810 RO Japan A 551732 on case back i have experience with repairing pocket watches but friend has asked if I can do this for him. Have sourced a crystal just need instructions for fitting thanks
  2. Hi Im having great difficulty getting hole jewels for bridge on a Tavannes pleaded pocket watch they are rub in type, not straight sided. Have googled searched ebay for weeks but no joy. Is it possible to adapt bridge to use a straight side push in, friction jewel instead of the rub in ones. I have also looked for a donor watch or a bridge but no joy there either Thanks oops sorry mistyped its pleiades
  3. Hi Neven Thanks very much for advise best Bill
  4. Hi Sorry if silly question when i reinsert pocket watch stem do I tighten the holding in screw with stem full in ( winding position) or pulled part out into hand setting position when i tighten the screw ? Thanks
  5. Any help appreciated Struggling to find anywhere can buy rubbed in type jewels for pocket watches, all suppliers like cousins only seem to have friction fit and same on ebay or they are only for wrist watches Help please !!
  6. Hi Neven Thank you Really struggling with finding these jewels :0( Will order the cousins ones and fingers crossed some type A in there that fit. If not any suggestions tried eBay but all say watch jewels are these likely to fit pocket watches ? Thanks again Bill
  7. Hi Have identified pocket watch movement from best fit as a 17L either a 480, 490, 500 or 520 the keyless all look the same A. does anyone know how I can determine which one as I need to find a stem replacement fo it B. Also need to find a new crown for the watch it needs to be 5mm or less to fir between bow supports on case and the hole in case is max 2mm Thanks
  8. Neven to the rescue again :0) I did see these on cousins but thought they were for wrist watches and would be too small ? if you think will be ok I will order and trial and error them :0) Cheers
  9. Ok I have determined that the watch is a AM A Michel 17L movement and looking at best fit catalogue it could be a 480, 490, 500, or 520 I need a new stem but I cant determine which of the above ones I have :0( any suggestions I also need a small crown to fit no more that 5mm diameter to fit between bow mount, and I cant find out what tap size will be as not sure of stem I require
  10. Thanks Neven have looked and the jewels I have in bridges, etc are not correct size by looking at them Im struggling to buy a selection of new jewels to find one to fit :0( cousins have to but 3 of same size and as not sure of size I will need would would out expensive to buy an assortment ?
  11. Hi I am struggling to find replacement holes jewels for pocket watches, can find for watches but hard to find pocket watch ones I have a selection of old plates and bridges from watches have stripped for parts is it possible to remove the rubbed in jewels with damaging them so I can re use ? Thanks
  12. Hi Neven Pushed old broken jewel out as shown in video :0) Do you know where best to buy assortment of pocket watch jewels so i can find one that fits, cant measure old one as in pieces ? Thanks Bill
  13. Hi Can anyone help with maker / movement ? No numbers http://bfphotography.jalbum.net/watch/ Thanks Bill
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