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  1. Thank you Jot, will check it
  2. Hi guys, can I upload pictures of my watches on here and if yes how can I do that.
  3. Thanks mate, glad to be here
  4. Oh well, few words about myself. I bought my first watch alsomt 10 years ago and still have it, I have joined a watch forum back in the day for advice and unfortunately for me I have not listen to what they have said Anyway over the last few years I got more and more interested in watches this time automatic ones and again before my first purchase I went to the same forum for advise and again unfortunately for me I have not listen to their advices ( I am not lurning am I) So, this is what have led me to here initially to sell my watch, however by the looks of I am here to stay.
  5. Thanks guys, this sounds fair enough, I gues I should start with the introduction first
  6. Hi to all and Happy 2021, I have briefly checked the topics and I have not seen anything for buying or selling used watches. Is this allowed here and if yes, where is the best place to post. Thank you, Emil
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