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  1. Many thanks - I genuinely appreciate your advice and for taking the time to help me. I’ll definitely take the approach you suggest as I really have no experience or expertise in repairs! Afraid I do have the collector bug though so perhaps I should obtain a cheap project to make mistakes and learn some basics - I have a nice Gruen, Bulova and Vostok so far but I’ll certainly pass these to the experts for any future issues (touch wood none so far!). Much appreciated, Joseph
  2. Ok, we’ll I’m deducing from yet further searches that the movement is actually likely to be EB 8021 N whilst the “Sic 28” reference stamped in there is perhaps relating to the specific model of watch that batch of movements was earmarked for. If anyone has experience with these watches and can confirm that is the correct movement it would be appreciated (?) as I believe I have found a replacement hairspring to suit an EV 8021 N movement.
  3. Hi all, Hoping someone can help a relative newbie here. I speculatively bought a Sicura Submarine 400 (Sic 28 movement?) as not working. Certainly isn’t running... The hands and date can be adjusted in both directions but I am unable to wind up - no sign of life. Upon opening I was pleasantly surprised to see that it seems fairly clean. However the hairspring has gone - someone seems to have ventured in to the movement before (!) and the hairspring has been cut away. I’m not sure if this accounts for being unable to wind (it will not turn clockwise and I obviously don’t want to force it), or perhaps there are other issues I may be unaware of. So, my question really is how can I at least get hold of a new hairspring? I appreciate that this may be a costly exercise, but my intention is to get hold of the part/s I need and then pass on to an expert to repair. Searching for “Sic 28” doesn’t seem to be yielding any results online! Am I wrong with regards to this being the movement reference? Any advice greatly appreciated. Joseph
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