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  1. Thank you so much! Great replies and contacts. Yes I meant Camille Fournet! The strap would have been more than £135, but I think it is the CITES issue. I have changed the issued Chopard strap for my watch with a CF purple "satin" strap supplied when I bought it by the jeweller and it lifts the look of the watch to a whole new level, bringing out all the beautiful colours of the MOP, but I don't think it will be very durable and was hoping to buy a similar colour in skin or leather. I will work my way through the suggested contacts. Failing that, a trip to Paris once we are free might be nice!
  2. Good morning, I am new to the forum and wondered if anyone has any advice on this: I have tried to order a fancy coloured alligator watch strap for my LU Chopard watch from Camille Faubert in Paris. They have a fabulous selection. They tell me that since Brexit, they are no longer able to export such straps to the UK. Is there any way round this, or alternatively, does anyone know a supplier of fine watch straps in the UK?
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