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  1. Lol however I forgot to mention the wood and motor was free and the chinese mini lathe cost £15.99. More interesting point I missed is that the escape wheel has 31 teeth - yes it does 62 ticks to the minute.
  2. Forgive me if I've got it wrong but at 86 this new technology is not for me. I'm not a watch fan but a Long Case Clock man. I bought this clock in 1953 at a farm sale, in pieces on the barn floor, 18 years old and my first time out on my own in the family van. I asked the auctioneer "Will it go?" His reply - "Aye lad when you buy it." It cost me £5. I got it home and mother said "I'm not having that thing in the house." We had a four volume series of "Practical Mechanics" with an article on grandfather clocks which I studied carefully. I was lucky the clock was complete and I got it ticking.
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