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  1. Hi there, Thanks for your reply, much appreciated! I've seen the first has gone already.. Nevermind, it was really for reference - I haven't quite decided if I really mind about a solid gold or filled watch at the moment honestly, it won't be a regularly worn watch and it'll probably be kept for the rest of my life. Agree it's nice they're serviced and come with a guarantee - does that price £1330 for that plated Omega look like too much money? Or does it look fairly reasonable? Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Hi all, New to the forum (and to watches!) and just starting out. I turned 31 recently, and a watch was a present from my parents for my 30th which I never received - given Covid, I never got round to doing enough research physically and still can't so I'm resorting to online help. I've been eyeing up some lovely vintage Omegas as a starter watch. I love the classic, classy look of them and have found two I particularly like but am dubious about making a purchase without some unbiased advice (especially with regards to price as I haven't really been able to gauge whether the two watches b
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