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  1. I feel safe enough buying online but to me the whole experience feels dulled. I just like the feeling as the clerk brings out watch after watch instead of navigating around the pages. I had spoken to a local jeweller and they offered to do a virtual walk round showing me the individual watches and that way I could more accurately describe what I wanted. what do yous think of this idea?
  2. I hope I'm not the only one lol but does all that's going on with Covid just make you wanna spend a crazy amount on a watch to make yourself feel better. I know opening up the box to a new watch would truly make me feel so much happier. However I don't feel comfortable spending large amounts of money on watches online as when I'm in store I always feel I'm getting the best fit to my tastes however online i feel i could be missing that last watch the shop assistant brings out that makes you feel like a child at Christmas. Am I the only one that feels like this? if not have any of you found a wa
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