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  1. Dear Friend, i really in need of opinion hereso i just bought this charming waltham 1920, but there is some issue first the crown is broken and secondly the watch run for a good 2 minutes and then stop, and i have to shake it a bit so it could run again, i need to know anything about this watch and is it still worth the money to be fixed ? and if possible cloud any of you guys give me the possible issue why the watch stop and is it expensive to be fixed ?, any help will be great thankyou
  2. Dear @WRENCH thankyou so much for the help, i think the reissued one is so cool, but the one i wanted to buy seems to have lost the seconds hand, do you think it’s going to devalue the piece alot ?, the asking price is around $75 do you think its a good deal ?
  3. Hi all,My name is jesaya, just join this fantastic web yesterday , so anyway i came across this beautiful vintage raketa wrist watch what i like about this watch is the hand i have never seen anything like that, i want to know what you guys thing about this piece, i don't know alot about raketa all know it was made in USSR, please help me with any info you know about this watchWarm regards.
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