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  1. Was wondering people's views for best colour strap for a gold watch ?
  2. I've seen quite a few that's been mentioned plus more definitely some im following up queens gambit,the bay,Fargo for starters out of qt to join ship Thursday
  3. Me too absolutely blown away seeing how many some of yous guys own
  4. My mistake i thought they where closed
  5. Some definite ideas when spring arrives and the garden centres reopen
  6. queens gambit and the Bay defo on the list watching the alienist at the mo pretty good at least a 7.5 and only watched 3 episodes
  7. in isolation for next 6 days prior to going to work was wondering peoples views on binge worthy tv ?.
  8. no I'm in a.hotel room in isolation waiting to go to work. Netflix my best pal at the moment.
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