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  1. The vast range of colours did make me think they may not be 100% as they left the factory....
  2. Morning - does anyone have experience of buying watches from India? I have a bit of a thing for Favre Leuba watches and Ebay seems to be full of quite keenly priced FLs being sold by sellers in India. I'm hestitant to splash out, as I'm unsure how long they might take to be delivered, customs, VAT charges etc - it could make it no worthwhile. I would be interested to hear of any experiences, good or bad! Thanks
  3. Morning everyone. I have a question about CCCP watches that google doesn't seem to be able to answer. I know that the brand is Hong Kong based, but have seen some discussion about them using Russian, rather than Chinese made movements. My question is whether or not, if the watch is listed as having a Slava movement that means Russian made or whether it's just another 'non Chinese' sounding name being used by a Chinese manufacturer. Cheers.
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