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  1. I don’t think that any of you are doing me any favours by normalising my behaviour.
  2. I’m spending more on straps than watches at the moment.
  3. Even before I started getting properly into watches I couldn’t have been without a watch, I’m lost without one.
  4. Thanks pal, I’ve a couple of Paul and Shark T-shirts (proper ones not Mike Ashley specials!) and they are fantastic quality, if I can find something similar I’ll be well chuffed! Do they fit a bit small like a lot of Italian stuff tends to?
  5. Which brand is that please JonnyOldBoy?
  6. I’ve got a Barrington winder and that would take some doing. I wonder whether they’ve tried to shove the holder in at 90 degrees and damaged it trying to remove it again?
  7. She’s not too bad with shoes to be fair, does have a strange obsession with wine glasses though!
  8. Although my wife has decided that I’m a nerd when it comes to watches and she feigns indifference, she’s a bit too bloody sharp. I ordered a Zex and she said “You’ve already got one like that, why do you need another?” She’s miles away but the observation skills were just a little too good for my liking/safety.
  9. On a Nato today, happy Friday everyone!
  10. Stop! Wait a minute Mr Postman. Whooahh,, gis me watch Mr Postman! Just arrived from Mr Roy and it’s a beauty! Thanks Roy
  11. I asked my mum whether she still had any of my dad’s old watches, she produced a shabby gold coloured watch and put it down on the table. I had a quick glance and saw “Cartier” on the dial! Bloody hell, picked it up and I could do with a bit of help identifying it. Did Cartier make any plastic, gold coloured dress watches? I haven’t even got around to throwing it away yet, it isn’t good enough to be worth the effort.
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