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  1. A run out for Colin to get our flu jabs today, be brave Col.
  2. Love the watch, definitely on my one day list, enjoy!
  3. Can I just have a shop bought one this year please, last years family photo took up the entire mantle piece.
  4. Thanks for the last little nudge that I needed!
  5. Thanks pal, I couldn’t face the abuse from Colin if I left out the box review!
  6. It’s here!!!! After hanging my nose over one of these for best part of a year it has a lot to live up to! Box rates about a 6/7 on the Briceometer, nothing special but about right for the watch and complete with tags and warranty card. The watch itself is an absolute beauty, really nicely detailed with starburst type brushing on the case, good functional crowns and surprisingly readable even down to fractions of a second if that’s your thing. Overall I’m chuffed to bits with it and can definitely see it being around forever in my box.
  7. Another Bricey Bund today.
  8. I just stopped myself from clicking the link!
  9. Going down pit today with Colin as my canary.
  10. Tank oozes class, I too am starting to get drawn towards a Santos though, fortunately I won’t have to make that decision for a while.
  11. Wet and miserable today, the weather isn’t much better either.
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