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  1. Perhaps the lad showed Jaydeep a Seiko watch with a Spider-Man strap and Jay is still in orbit?
  2. Just to expand on this a bit, the AS movement is ace, I’m assuming that it’s as it should be but it feels really robust, like a Russian tractor or something. The watch keeps time to around 3 seconds a day and I think the acrylic crystal really makes it look right. The bracelet and clasp were ok, better than a Seiko but nothing to get excited about. I bought it specifically to go on NATO’s and I think that the Lunar Apollo strap pictured was made for it. Definitely a keeper for me.
  3. If you sign up for newsletters you get notification of when the store is open (about 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon every 3 weeks or so) and an idea of what is available.
  4. I’m a bit twitchy about wearing my Tudor when in a strange place and likely to be 3 sheets on a fairly regular basis so it’s probably the GShock and the Zex. Should I chill a bit as far as the Tudor is concerned?
  5. It’s a bit cooler today so I’ve retrieved Colin from his velvet cushion in the fridge, he doesn’t like the heat bless him.
  6. I meant hopefully watch related as opposed to locked in a basement and tied to a chair related! As if I’d wish Ill upon Jaydeep!
  7. Forum rule 12.8(d) Never try to reason with Bricey over watch boxes.
  8. I tried a 42mm Due on and pretty much fell in love, 6.75 wrist for me too. I think that I’d have to try a 44mm before taking the plunge though. It’s definitely on the lust once the kitchen finally gets sorted.
  9. Providing they come in a nice box.
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