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  1. As a card carrying, rabid Forest fan, I wish you all the luck in the world today! #big6my@rse
  2. The Sleaford Mods are having that for their next album.
  3. TFI Friday! Teachers pet again today, luxuriating on his bund, I may name him Colin in Bricey’s honour.
  4. I’ve got one coming for my 50th very soon!!!!
  5. Bow’s in the road again. Wearing different clothes again. First customer meeting for over a year today!
  6. I’ll stick with the Yema, it looks as though it has always been there if that makes sense but that Tsao is a really nice looking watch. I agree on the name being off putting though.
  7. *Nottingham Forest We went to Europe and won the cup twice!
  8. This caught my eye, on the parachute strap of course. https://en.yema.com/products/yema-navygraf-marine-nationale-gmt-edition-limitee-ymngmt39
  9. Just for our friend Bricey, what I wouldn’t give for a Victorinox box to pose it with.
  10. I tried a SuperOcean 57 and thought it was too blingy for my main watch and I’m not shy! It’s a lovely thing though, one that I’ll certainly go back to one day.
  11. You’re nicer than me. ”Cut the grass and I’ll let you sleep here tonight.”
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