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  1. Going out for tapas in the sunshine today.
  2. Another restful day for me.
  3. I don’t think the dots add anything to the design or usability, quite like the second one though despite the name, I’d buy a Doxa though at around that price.
  4. Hiho hi hey, no work for me today!
  5. No, I feel as though they would stop me from telling the time at a glance.
  6. This is as much for my learning as anything else but… ..,,is it feasible to measure the od of the bezel and the id of the case to get the size and thickness of the gasket then have an educated guess at the height based on the bezel depth? Please forgive the question when you’re looking for an answer but it got my mind whirring and it’s always a shame to miss such an event!
  7. No way would my kids be daft enough to buy me a knife! I’ve managed to wheedle another watch by putting some towards it from my everlasting birthday money! Up there for thinking! Very lazy Sunday for me.
  8. You can tell these are from a watch forum. a) They badge says “The Watch Forum”. b) They all seem to come with original box, haven’t seen one with papers yet though.
  9. I don’t care what anyone says, that is far and away the nicest Zex homage on the market.
  10. Now you’ve done it! England didn’t qualify for the World Cup in 1974. Bad juju!
  11. Bring me my steed and an apple to peel!
  12. Double happy Friday, break up for a week today! Hoping this can persuade the sun to come out.
  13. Rolex is not really a brand that I aspire too, too difficult to obtain, can attract the wrong kind of attention and possibly a bit too obvious for my contrary mind but that is gorgeous. Perfect size for me, doesn’t shout “look what I have” and oozes class. I wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand and think that I wouldn’t accept any Rolex as a gift because I would, I’d be bloody grateful too, just try me.
  14. As someone who believes in the concept of a birthmonth celebration rather than just a day, I concur.
  15. Funnily enough that was the one that broke my missus I think. She’s given me up as a lost cause, again.
  16. I had completely written off the Black Bay for similar reasons plus the size, saw it, touched it, bought the bogger. Just couldn’t resist it in the flesh.
  17. 6.5 inch wrist, they wear really small. You’re welcome!
  18. This is the problem with safes for me. A really dodgy bloke I knew always said to keep your valuables hidden in the loft because no burglar worth their salt would risk getting trapped in the loft. When I worked in the motor trade there was a spate of burglaries/hold ups to nick Imprezas. One of my customers had the tactic of clipping the keys to one of his Rottweiler’s collars when he went to bed, see how badly they want it. I value my dogs way higher than any possession so wouldn’t fancy it myself.
  19. Something a little cooler for the afternoon, I think I can just about carry the strap off!
  20. “My little sister wore”
  21. Something sturdy for a tour of Lidl.
  22. Might just squeak a new one for a grand. Just because I love it, I am that shallow.
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