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  1. Last Monday in the trenches for a wile!
  2. I set my Black Bay on 1st September, it’s been on my wrist most days, often just for the evening when I’m mostly sat slobbing, been on the winder once overnight and sat in the box for most of the time. Just checked it and it’s 2 seconds slow, I’m pretty impressed by that!
  3. Just to reassure everyone that it’s definitely still the weekend.
  4. @Marcinhas just popped up with one of these in WRUW.
  5. Gardening finished, weekend starts.
  6. I have the brown version of the wolf Windsor and you won’t be disappointed. The valet drawer is a really good addition IMO too.
  7. Should be a decent job though to be fair, it’s taken 3 days to complete!
  8. Guess who’s back Back Again Colin’s back Tell a friend
  9. Just realised that I haven’t put a bloody watch on yet today, that never happens, even before I got into watches that never happened. Forgive.
  10. Every time @bricey see one of those boxes an angel feels violated. They’re absolute beauties!
  11. Probably a bit too much of a copy but in the spirit of @JayDeepI don’t care. I love this watch, the movement is a beast, love the acrylic crystal and there’s no way would I get the same pleasure from the original. I’d love an original but it would be a completely different prospect.
  12. A summery strap for the Indian summer.
  13. Come on Colin, day out at the seaside today, we’ll Grimsby actually but technically speaking, it is the seaside. It’s better than being stuck at home, well it would be if home was Luton.
  14. I’m holding out for a 37-39mm version of the Hanhart 417 ES to be introduced but that is pretty nice.
  15. My daughter is the queen of deftness. She steadfastly refused to carry a donor card because “it will hurt” ”what will?” ”when they take my kidneys and stuff”
  16. I always told my kids that there are no stupid questions only stupid children.
  17. Last day in the metophorical trenches for the week.
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