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  1. Very nice indeed, Not a brand I'm that familiar with but I'll have to have a browse.
  2. It has to be the Cartier for me. Timeless Classic
  3. I love the black and blue dials but the white dial version really needs a change in the colour of the hands.
  4. Sorry if this has been commented on before, but eBay UK are starting to authenticate any watch sales over £2000. eBay will be examining and authentciating the watches before they're sent to the purchaser. They're also testing the waterproofing if it's mentioned in the sale description. It seems that they're setting themselves up as the 'go to' place for watch purchases.
  5. That is a lovely watch and appeals to my love for nice, clear, plain dials in the 'less is more' theme. Enjoy wearing it (or just looking at it)
  6. There are usually a few Rado available (and Hamilton) on TK Maxx UK website. Currently there are Rado models available for between £600 & £900.
  7. Not for me I'm afraid and I'm a fan of Omega. There is just far too much going on with that dial.
  8. This looks really nice, particularly with the blue dial.
  9. Such amazing skills to create this beautiful watch and a gorgeous box befitting it. I'm in awe of the skills you guys have and the wonderful colours and grains of the woods available thanks to mother nature.
  10. Very nice indeed. I've been eyeing up one of the Jazzmasters too.
  11. Very nice indeed. I've had my eye on one of those myself.
  12. Very nice indeed. I thought is was going to be one of these https://www.timeandwatches.com/2020/10/eberhard-110th-alfa-romeo-anniversary.html
  13. Very nice. I'm on their mailing list for their magazine / catalogue but haven't yet pulled the trigger on one. Enjoy wearing it (and just looking at it)
  14. Thanks for sharing. Some interesting watch choices but for me the best is the Watch Winder, which has just been added to my ebay watch list.
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