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  1. Really appreciate the time you have spent looking at this, it’s frustrating that there is nothing at all out there on these watches. did you see the photo I posted? If so what are your thoughts? Do you think that is the 377 battery housing? I will try Timpsons there’s one not to far from me. thanks again and take care !
  2. Hi thanks for look at this, really appreciated. I read that too and I’m assuming that the same watch is used and rebranded by about 5 different brands. However there is nothing at all bar the ho advice to use a repair centre and never open the watch or a YouTube vid saying you can send the watch to them for battery swap. I’m not sure why the link won’t work, had to down load photo bucket to get a url link. I have just changed the album to public and it works now, you should be able to see the photo now.
  3. https://app.photobucket.com/u/RLD2000/a/5bf4c2b9-b106-4cf9-8e6a-2c89b6c87c4b hope this works, found a photo I had already this may be the battery, thought it might be the vibration motor, it states battery is 377 on the back of the case, but as you can see the housing is sealed?
  4. Hi, I will get some, would some of the back off also help?
  5. Hi, new to the forum and in need of some help, hope you can point me in the right direction. I have a collection of watches nothing expensive but have been replacing batteries on some of them recently. I have a Scuderia Ferrari XX Ultraveloce Hybrid Smartwatch Watch 830375 - 0830375 and the analogue battery needs replacing. I want to do this myself but cannot find anything on the web to give me a clue to how to do this or even find where the battery is located. I have removed the back and can see the rechargeable cell for the smart side of the watch but no sign of the battery for the quartz movement. Thanks for reading and I hope you can shed some light on this. many thanks,
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