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  1. What is the most expensive watch you have thrown away and why?
  2. For me (and I guess the majority of people), I doubt there is one brand to which a person will love all of their watches. If a brand has say 10 watches I like, then they are doing well; if they have 3 I would want to buy then they are doing very well. And not being a fanboy of just one brand allows me the freedom to consider any watch from any brand and give it an unbiased look. My enthusiasm with watches comes and goes. I will always love them but I have other interests that also come in and go out favour. By dipping out of an interest for a period allows new products to come out and for
  3. Since last March, I have purchased a; Tudor BB58 navy Mont Blanc heritage chronometrie Seiko presage cocktail Seiko prospex save the ocean king turtle Mondaine stop2go The devil makes work for idle hands but wrists are heaven sent !
  4. Two years ago, my wife bought a watch (not a Rolex) at a well known chain and as I had also bought several watches from them in the past, I started talking Rolex and asked about the Pepsi GMT. After checking with the manager, I was put on the waiting list and told there would be a 3 to 4 year wait. The issue now is that I no longer care about the Pepsi or any other Rolex to be honest. I already have one and that's enough, so if I do ever get a call, I will politely decline their offer. I wonder if anyone else has gone off a Rolex during the wait period.
  5. Can I recommend you have a look at AMJ watches in Newark. I have bought two watches from them and their service is second to none. They currently have some Seiko Presages (dress watches) on sale, a beautiful cocktail brown for £295 (RRP is £530). I know its beautiful because I have just bought one.
  6. A few years ago, my wife and I visited Memphis and Graceland. Upon returning to the UK and being in the mood for all things Elvis, I bought a Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 automatic. The initial appeal of such an odd shaped case soon wore off and my regret was further enhanced when occasionally the rotor arm whizzed around whilst winding the watch. It has therefore never been worn much although I still have it, I doubt I will sell it however as it reminds me of a great holiday.
  7. The interesting thing is whilst the watch instructions are only a couple of pages long, correcting the seconds hand is one of the three headings; that suggests Mondaine know about the issue. Unfortunately their instructions aren't complete, much better to look at their you tube video on their website. At least I got a good discount on purchase so hopefully it will now settle down.
  8. Looks good. My Mondaine stop2go watch also arrived this week. It took a bit of fiddling to get the minute hand to stop at 12 but got there in the end. Enjoy !
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