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  1. My wife has a Panerai Luminor Marina 44mm, a big watch but she loves it. Several years ago, she saw a female sales assistant in Wempe wearing one and it was love at first sight. A few months later, she got hers. They are distinct and look really nice on the wrist. As per previous advice, definitely go and try one on, they are expensive and a big investment but worth it if you decide to buy.
  2. If you have a look at Wikipedia, the Swan and Edgar store was on the corner of Picadilly Circus and was closed in 1982. The building became Tower records and then Virgin records and is now a cheap clothing store. At the time of closure it was owned by Debenhams ( I guess the phrase "what goes around, comes around" is quite apt here.) On the above basis, can't wait for a new watch brand to appear in a few years time on Ideal World called British Home Stores. Not sure how the watch brand is connected to the store and I would suggest a brand best avoided.
  3. Why don't you search out Roger Smith, watchmaker on Google and email him with a few of your designs and tell him your story? You might not get a partner but you may get some invaluable advice. Good luck.
  4. I generally think there is something for everyone in terms of you tube presenters. I like Bark & Jack, Adrian is a nice chap, admits he's no expert but he produces some well shot and presented reviews, probably suitable for an enthusiast rather than an expert. Also, Frederick talks watches is entertaining and when he doesn't like something, he doesn't hold back. If you want something different, look for watchadviser. I think the chap is Austrian and knows his stuff. He appears well connected to the big Swiss companies and you tend to get informed and factual information without the "me me me" style of presenting. The good news with all reviews is you don't automatically have to agree with everything they say, just take from them what you want.
  5. Baume and mercier. I have a soft spot for this brand and just wonder why they aren't more popular. The ranges look good, quality is good and prices reasonable for what you get. Is it the fault of the marketing department or the parent company? Or are they just not in fashion? In my view, someone somewhere is just not doing their job.
  6. I am in a sort of good place at the moment. I recently bought my most expensive watch and for the moment it appears to have crushed the desire for another new one. I am still looking at watches (often) but the "gotta have" light in my brain is currently switched off, and I quite like that feeling. I put it down to part guilt that I spent so much, part need to put money aside for other things, and a big chunk of being happy and content with my collection.
  7. Short sleeves plus a luxury watch equals potential trouble these days which is such a shame. I wear my Rolex in London but only when I have long sleeves or a coat on, sometimes I have thought about having a cheapo watch on the other wrist just in case someone has a go but in the end, I work on probabilities and just try and stay in popular areas and not be out too late.
  8. Clearly seeing a watch in the flesh will always be the best option but where possible, YouTube is not too bad as you will often get to see the real thing rather than a digitally enhanced picture. And a good video review will provide you with more useful information before decision time, especially when the reviewer mentions the downsides.
  9. Does anyone know what's happened to Revolution magazine?. I started a subscription last year, received a couple of issues and then nothing. WH Smiths don't have any new issues so has it just packed up? My only other thought was were they waiting for Watches & Wonders before printing the new issue? Any ideas?
  10. I got a speedy a few years ago on a black leather strap and with the sapphire crystal. At the Omega AD, I had 4 watches in front of me, two bracelets and 2 leather and each with hesalite and sapphire. In the end, the leather just looked better and as a person who doesn't want to be worried about the risk of scratches, the sapphire got the nod. So not quite the authentic moon landings version but it is a beautiful piece of work.
  11. There is a post on a different forum website that explains when and by whom the Companies were started. The short answer is no, they are not related and never have been.
  12. I have seen Mathey Tissot on Ideal World several times and I always find it difficult to separate the quality of the watches from the big discounts they always offer and the highly exaggerated language used by the presenters and Kevin Reynolds. For example, "these watches are the height of horology, our serious collectors are snapping these up, the phones are in meltdown, and if this was several thousand pounds more you would still think it a great deal etc." I can't say I have ever seen a review of Mathey Tissot in a watch magazine and given my own personal view of Ideal World and the brands they sell, I would give them a miss.
  13. Their Web pages are also free and as previous, they do have some interesting articles and reviews.
  14. As someone who has subscribed to GQ for over 10 years, it is certainly not aimed at people who are part of forums like this one. It is however useful for basic information on a variety of subjects and occasionally they will have some terrific informative stories. I personally think the overall quality of the GQ magazine ( and supplements) has fallen over recent years, probably as a result of putting more and more stuff on-line. The whole of their watch supplement and other articles may tell you about different brands and a bit of history but not much more; that's where the specialist magazines come in.
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