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  1. Congratulations on your purchase. Big coincidence, I too have this watch, I am currently on holiday in Scotland and it is this watch (out of many that I have) that I have brought with me. Going to Edinburgh tomorrow and the Monaco will be worn proudly on my wrist. Enjoy yours.
  2. My guess is watches will survive at all prices, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale. Apparently books, vinyl and probably several other devices should by now only be found in museums but surprise surprise they are still around and doing quite well. As the world continues to see more and more millionaires, I am sure the top end of the watch world will be OK and I am sure brands like Casio and Citizen will be around long term given low prices and young people seeing them as trendy objects as opposed to a useful tool object. Perhaps it's those lesser known watch brands between £1000 and £10,000 that may struggle if the young future generations fail to see the beauty of an automatic watch.
  3. Trainer collecting is my second weakness after watches and let me tell you it is seriously big business. There is a website called Stock X where people can buy, sell or bid on trainers. The thing is all of the trainers have never been worn, wear them and they lose so much value. Stock X and now Ebay are the go between for buyers and sellers and yes, they check the products are real and not fake. The Rolex of the trainer world is Air Jordan 1's followed by Yeezy's and like watches, trainers costing £150 can easily double or triple in value the day after release on the grey market. But you don't have to get into bed with an AD, popular new trainers are the subject of lotteries and draws, you have as much chance as the next person. The other difference is those making the money from buying at retail and then flipping tend to be under 30; it's a young person's game.
  4. I have got several watches that will soon be going. However, I really can't be fussed with the process of selling through whatever channel. I have therefore decided to donate these watched to a local charity shop; I probably don't donate enough to help charities and so if these watches can be sold by them then we all win.
  5. I got my Tudor BB58 blue from AMJ watches. No discount but a great service and one of the most beautiful but simple watches I own. I would definitely buy from them again.
  6. I would doubt there will be an official sale of Tudors anywhere soon and so you could try a cheeky ask and see what happens. Not sure about when to buy one but perceived thinking is the best time to buy a watch is yesterday. The second best time is today. Given there hasn't been a price rise recently, I would say don't leave it too long.
  7. Don't you just wish that these digital watches had musical alarms like the digital watches of the 1980's?. I had one, can't remember the brand, and it played the famous tune from swan lake. Loved it but sadly long gone.
  8. Mine is the same as yours. I tried loading a picture but it wouldn't work from my mobile. My wife also has the ladies frank sinatra, exactly the same design but smaller and a white dial.
  9. Regrets, you've had a few ? I still have my Oris Frank Sinatra, start spreading this news.
  10. I am on the verge of selling a Rolex and an Omega and I am currently going through the "will I regret this" moment. The Rolex is going because I have fallen out of love with it and am also sick of the "look at me, I have a Rolex investment thing on my wrist that I waited 4 years to get" bubble. The Omega is going because it's just too thick (planet ocean chronograph). I have been offered fair prices for both and so looks like they will soon be finding new homes. On the plus side, the funds will go to a new JLC which I tried on last week and just loved. I will be happy to own a watch that only watch enthusiasts would appreciate. Will I be a Rolex regretted? Hope not !
  11. I agree with the OP but unfortunately we live in a world where certain people will over pontificate on why people act the way they do; they have to try and have an explanation for everything we do or say and also how we make decisions. For some, it is not enough to say, " I bought it because I like it." which is still the best thought process for buying a watch. We should all remember George Mallory and the answer he gave when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest.
  12. I bought a Rolex Deepsea in 2011, no waiting, no queues, just called up the Wempe store in London and was told one had just arrived and they would put it aside for me. I paid £6300, money that had come from an inheritance. At the time I had no clue that Rolex was one of the few brands that would go up in value, I just liked the watch and liked the fact that it could go so deep ( not that it ever will ). It is only in the last few years that I have learnt so much about the Rolex bubble and the high and crazy demand. I guess I could probably sell it for over £8k but to be honest this is doubtful. The only time I consider a sale is when I watch grey dealers on you tube and the way they and their customers talk about Rolex in terms of investments, it comes across as slightly vulgar and business rather than pleasure. The Rolex is the only watch that is worth more than I paid but it gets treated the same as all my others. To me, it is priceless but there again so is my Timex.
  13. I would say Oris. My first 3 watches were all Oris so for a while I was a one brand watch collector. They still make great watches, good variety and prices not too bad (although creeping up but not unexpected given they are now producing in house movements).
  14. Not a fan but I will always respect another enthusiast who may buy one. My strict policy is not to comment if someone buys a watch that I don't like.
  15. Like the OP, I too had several years of only looking at clean and simple dials. And then one day in Selfridges, my wife pointed me in the direction of a chronograph from a brand I didn't know too much about called Zenith. Oh dear, talk about love at first sight for the 38mm EP and finally got one earlier this year. And then reading loads of people talk on the forums about Seiko in good terms, I too began researching the brand and have purchased two. Discovering brands and learning about them is a real joy and this brings other changes in my tastes. Up and coming on my radar is Squale, Smiths and Alpina, brands I had not heard of a few years ago. I am now thinking I need a lesser known brand so one of these is likely to be the next purchase. On the flip side, reading about JLC gets me thinking that one day........... I think the simple rule is keep learning about watches, be open minded and don't rule anything out.
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