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  1. Short sleeves plus a luxury watch equals potential trouble these days which is such a shame. I wear my Rolex in London but only when I have long sleeves or a coat on, sometimes I have thought about having a cheapo watch on the other wrist just in case someone has a go but in the end, I work on probabilities and just try and stay in popular areas and not be out too late.
  2. Clearly seeing a watch in the flesh will always be the best option but where possible, YouTube is not too bad as you will often get to see the real thing rather than a digitally enhanced picture. And a good video review will provide you with more useful information before decision time, especially when the reviewer mentions the downsides.
  3. Does anyone know what's happened to Revolution magazine?. I started a subscription last year, received a couple of issues and then nothing. WH Smiths don't have any new issues so has it just packed up? My only other thought was were they waiting for Watches & Wonders before printing the new issue? Any ideas?
  4. I got a speedy a few years ago on a black leather strap and with the sapphire crystal. At the Omega AD, I had 4 watches in front of me, two bracelets and 2 leather and each with hesalite and sapphire. In the end, the leather just looked better and as a person who doesn't want to be worried about the risk of scratches, the sapphire got the nod. So not quite the authentic moon landings version but it is a beautiful piece of work.
  5. There is a post on a different forum website that explains when and by whom the Companies were started. The short answer is no, they are not related and never have been.
  6. I have seen Mathey Tissot on Ideal World several times and I always find it difficult to separate the quality of the watches from the big discounts they always offer and the highly exaggerated language used by the presenters and Kevin Reynolds. For example, "these watches are the height of horology, our serious collectors are snapping these up, the phones are in meltdown, and if this was several thousand pounds more you would still think it a great deal etc." I can't say I have ever seen a review of Mathey Tissot in a watch magazine and given my own personal view of Ideal World and the brands they sell, I would give them a miss.
  7. Their Web pages are also free and as previous, they do have some interesting articles and reviews.
  8. As someone who has subscribed to GQ for over 10 years, it is certainly not aimed at people who are part of forums like this one. It is however useful for basic information on a variety of subjects and occasionally they will have some terrific informative stories. I personally think the overall quality of the GQ magazine ( and supplements) has fallen over recent years, probably as a result of putting more and more stuff on-line. The whole of their watch supplement and other articles may tell you about different brands and a bit of history but not much more; that's where the specialist magazines come in.
  9. Just be careful. I had a Meistersinger a few years ago, loving the idea of just the one hand and time going slowly etc. Very quickly after purchase, realised I'd made a mistake, you start spending half your time trying to work out what time is it. If you wear glasses for reading then I would say this type of watch is not for you. On the plus side, the quality was very good.
  10. I didn't have a grail watch as such, but instead a grail requirement, I.e. I wanted an automatic watch, a proper grown up watch lovers watch. Started off looking at a Breitling but ended up with an automatic Oris Chronograph. Boy, was I happy that I had finally arrived. I still have it and still love it so I can probably say it turned out to be a grail of sorts.
  11. A giant of a Gentleman, when looking at Earth from the Apollo 11 module, he said, "I had a feeling it's tiny, it's shiny, it's beautiful, it's home and it's fragile". RIP.
  12. My biggest gripe with the Omega Planet Ocean chronograph is that there is no quick date change, instead you have to rotate the hour hand round and round to move the date on, a pain if your watch stopped 10 days ago.
  13. Seiko save the ocean king turtle. SRPE07K1 Job done !
  14. If you can go slightly over budget, (or get a discount) the how about the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. I would say look at the 39.5mm with the black dial. This is probably the best watch I will never buy, due to the fact that I have a Planet Ocean chronograph.
  15. Ideal world TV still plugs Vostok Europe watches, usually on a Sunday or Monday night. They make a big play on the number of GTLS tubes the watches have and also the fact that some of the watches are named after old military machines that were designed to blow us to kingdom come ! Have a watch of the channel, especially when Peter Simon is presenting, he's hilarious.
  16. This is a well timed thread because today my new Zenith A386 manufacture revival arrived and it cost £7.5k. Why did I buy it? Because I love it, I love the watch, the movement, the history and the Company. I consider myself very lucky that I am able to afford it. My wife and I both work in good jobs, we don't have children or a mortgage and in a lot of other areas of our lives, we live fairly simply. But to any sane and non watch enthusiast, it is crazy purchase. The argument about spending a lot less on a watch that basically does the same thing is interesting. I think the same about cars. I have a Toyota Yaris and wonder why people drive BMW's or Mercedes. The answer is simple economics and the fact that everyone has different financial and lifestyle priorities and they choose to spend their money as they want. A person who buys a low cost watch may drive a nice car, or drink expensive wine, or play golf at posh golf courses. Alternatively they may choose to have children or live in a big house and so invest their money in those things. Thankfully we are all different. Incidentally, I also bought the same Rotary GMT earlier this year for £80.
  17. As someone who rarely disposes of a watch, my collection has subsequently grown, especially over the last year. I therefore have a self imposed need to be more picky going forward and I am starting to have a couple of rules. Firstly and most importantly I have to love the watch. And secondly, any new purchase has to fill a clear gap in the collection. Hopefully this will save me from myself.
  18. If possible, see if you can have both watches next to each other and be left alone for 20 minutes. Then you will know.
  19. I have an L&J quartz, purchased several years ago from the Liberty store in London. Bought more for its looks rather than the quality and even though it doesn't get much wrist time, it still works fine. I think you will be OK and the price paid is good.
  20. I have a Tissot Visodate and have to say I have had no problems with it. Whilst it looks more expensive than it is, on touching and using it, you can tell it is not the height of luxury but the quality is fine. Would I recommend Tissot? Yes.
  21. I agree, JLC all the way. A simple but beautiful watch with many great reviews. To me, a JLC says you know about watches and have excellent taste.
  22. I guess you could always wear it on a hot summers evening in a dodgy area of town. I doubt the muggers would bother you.
  23. My wife loves watches too. She has a Panerai, Chanel, Cartier and Zenith amongst others. She also enjoys several of the you tube bloggers so I guess I am very lucky.
  24. My collection is made up of some expensive pieces, Rolex, Omega, IWC, Tudor (and shortly a Zenith) etc., but I also have several low cost watches including Timex, Seiko, Casio and Mondaine. I would say mix your collection as there are some great looking watches for a few hundred pounds and for brands such as Seiko and Casio, you will have many friends. Also, research some of the smaller and lesser known brands, there is a lot of interesting designs and value out there.
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