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  1. I posted this yesterday on another forum! We're kindred souls, mate. The conclusion I got is that there's little to choose from outside of microbrands: Hamilton Kakhi Field in its various incarnations, Citizen Attesa cb1120-50F or the discontinued Promaster Land (I can't remember the reference), Certina DS1 or DS4, Victorinox Maverick 37mm, and that's about it. The Traska Commuter is the closest thing to a Sinn 556i at half the price, but then again it's from a, relatively new, microbrand. Used Sinn's normally go for much more than the 500€ the not-so-OP wants. Personally I find Tissots at this price range boring and too dressy. Alpinas are rather large. I forgot the Seiko SND367PC, if chronographs are your thing
  2. Have you ever thought of going vintage? You'll have more variety and (relatively) lower prices
  3. You have to upload it on Imgur, Flickr, etc and then insert the link to the picture clicking on the button at the bottom right of the box ('Insert image from URL'). This is the link to the thread where it's explained in detail. https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/103087-how-to-post-a-picture-on-the-forum-using-a-third-party-host-new-for-2016/
  4. Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it the encouraging words!
  5. Man, vintage watches are a proper minefield... I knew about the hands being relumed, but how on earth do you know the dial was refinished too?
  6. Good afternoon everybody, A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful WW2 Bulova off ebay. Inexperience and some serious erratic thinking due to working night shifts prevented proper research and it wasn't until paying that I realized the case wasn't original, I didn't mind since I was planning to keep the watch anyway and, oddly enough, I like the one the watch came with better than the original. A few weeks later I find myself a bit tight on money for other projects and I've decided to sell the watch. What do you think is the best way to get as much money as possible back off it, particularly in regard to the case? Leave it as it is, have it re-chromed or recasing? How about a service, will I get my money back? Many thanks
  7. Not at all, I remember reading a thread about the issue in an American forum and it was pretty much 50/50. One of the things I find fascinating about this hobby is the disparity in tastes! What are your impressions about the bracelet from the reviews?
  8. Good afternoon everybody, I've been eyeing the Scurfa Diver for a while, I love the watch, but I'm a bracelet guy and a very picky one at that, and that bracelet has always struck me as a very stiff uncomfortable one, maybe because it doesn't taper. I know the Scurfa is very popular around here, is my impression wrong? By the way, since we're at that, wouldn't look better if it tapered a couple mm's? Many thanks
  9. Wow. The SKX isn't the only victim. Seiko's line-up restructuring has wreacked havoc on the horological world
  10. It's common sense that it is, especially when dealing with a heirloom. I know that caveat emptor and all that, but come on!!! Is it now our responsability to make sure that watchmakers do their job properly down to the most obvious details?
  11. I've never had a dial restored and I'm not British, so I might be out of line here, but isn't a like for like restoration the default option? So they're asking for £350 for something they should have done in the first place? I find that absolutely outrageous. Is it against the forum rules to make the "repairer's" name public?
  12. As a member of the Seiko 5 Sports family it's my understanding that it has been discontinued, along with the rest of its siblings. A shame really because it was a hell of a watch that you could buy for peanuts until recently, I think prices have already creeped up. I was very close to buy one myself a couple of times.
  13. That was the first watch I bought and I can't praise it enough: very accurate, perfect size for my 7 inch wrist, relatively thin too for a diver. To me, the only drawback is the bracelet that feels a bit like a handcuff, especially in summer. I'm chuffed with the Strapcode Endmill I got to replace it, but the endlinks are not a perfect fit (quality control is hit-or-miss, by all accounts), so keep that in mind if you're OCD about those things.
  14. It didn't occur to me to send them a note along with the offer. Good advice from an insider. I didn't know your shop, mate, you have some interesting watches there. The Record chronograph in particular is gorgeous. How about 500 quid for it? Thank you all for your replies. As you may have guessed I didn't really use ebay before getting into watches, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me.
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