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  1. Yes, exactly the same except it says German Made at the bottom.
  2. Ostalgie-Ruhla Watches of the GDR - WordPress.com Services Army Pocket Watch – Pre War | Ostalgie-Ruhla Watches of ... This is the site I am looking at with a photo nearly identical to mine except it says "Foreign", mine says "German made". It suggests Thiel Brothers Ruhla?? https://ostalgieruhla.wordpress.com/short-history-of-ruhla-watches/thiel-brothers-umf-ruhla-the-london-connection/services-army-pocket-watch-pre-war/
  3. I am trying to work out how to attach my own photos, I am new to this group!
  4. I acquired this watch 30 years ago, totally forgot about it until my antiques mad 8 year old son found it. Does anyone know anything about it and its possible value?
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