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  1. Does anyone use Anchor products for lubricating parts? Is it worth buying? Thanks
  2. Hi, I emailed the main UK service centre and they said they will only fit a crown. They do not supply crowns.
  3. Is it me, or is it almost impossible to buy original Victorinox crowns? I've tried applying direct and contacted their UK Service Dept, neither will supply a crown unless I send them the watch to repair. The stem is broken and someone has made a poor attempt at repair. It is a fairly simple job and I have the tools. It makes sense for me to do it myself.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm new to this forum after finding it when I was looking for spares. Some great articles on here. I have a Swiss Army Infantry Vintage with a broken stem. The movement is Ronda 705 and I've ordered a new stem. Finding a crown has not been successful, so I am trying to remove the broken stem from the crown. I understand that Alum Powder can be used, however there is an o ring in there and I'm not sure if it will get damaged. Does anyone know if alum powder will eat the o ring? Thanks
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