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  1. My daughter has just bought me a Smiths Imperial for my birthday. I'm hooked already. What lovely watches.
  2. I've had Rolex and Omega watches. However, I've just purchased a Smiths Imperial. Very early days yet, but it is lovely. Great value for money for a quality 'English' watch.
  3. I've just had my Smiths Imperial serviced by Andy at Rollinix. Excellent, quick service at a very reasonable price. Very happy.
  4. I've found it's worth buying a 'cheap' watch repair kit off e-bay for about £10. Gives you most tools to do simple repairs without worrying. It includes a 'flat' curved knife for getting off watch backs. Also so simple tools for replacing spring bars etc. Not great quality but good enough particularly if you have a few watches pass through your hands.
  5. Your Uncle's watch is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Simply stunning. When I get full access rights I'll post some photos of my early Rolex watches.
  6. That's the problem. We are left to our own experience/judgement I have found that experience is simply a series of mistakes which we should learn by. Surely a forum like this is to help its members from making such mistakes. Pressure to bear on the industry will only increase their knowledge and help us make our informed choices easier rather than e-mailing back and forth with the auction house Surely we all have books in the background that we turn to. What's wrong with that? The antiques market encompasses such a plethora of items that they can't be expected to know everything. However, they can be expected to supply some stock information i.e. the crown changes the time and winds the watch correctly. The legal side can always have caveats.
  7. That's why it's important to get it right. In a previous life I undertook a lot of life with two of the biggest second-hand shops in the high street. Both were excellent in their approach. They found that if they 'cleaned up' the image of their shops their profit margins increased significantly as more people would shop there. I'm sure we would like to do all we can to improve the quality of what we purchase. We can only try.
  8. Let's ensure there aren't any dodgy ones. I've had my money back when a watch did not live up to the condition report. Nobody likes to be embarrassed. More importantly nobody likes to be hit in the pocket.
  9. Hi, as I am new to the Watch Forum I am unsure whether this is the right place to post this subject, if not perhaps an administrator can help. I purchase the majority of my watches from auction, indeed I had a Smiths Imperial and Rodana, arrive this week. However, I am always amazed at the varying quality of condition reports supplied by the auction houses. It is not uncommon now for an auction house to charge the buyer a fee of 30% and the seller a further 20%. On top of this you can also be faced with an online bidding fee of 5-6% and an internet surcharge, whatever that is? It is very difficult to attend in person to view a watch. I have a template which I use to request a condition report. Again the response from each auction house is varied. I wonder whether the' Watch Forum' has ever approached the 'Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers' or other industry insiders, such as the 'Antiques Trade Gazette', to try to establish a common standard for condition reports in relation to watch sales? I am sure our members could devise a simple template we look like to see applied. Members with appropriate knowledge may be prepared to help their local auction houses appraise watches in certain circumstances. In the long-term this could benefit the members of this forum in relation to the quality of watch they purchase and the auction house who would be in a position to increase their profit margins. I am more than ready to put some work looking into this, however, I believe this would need the input of a senior administrator/creator of this forum. Views please.
  10. I've looked at their site. It is very highbrow. As this is 'The Watch Forum' does anyone have a clue how much the average consumer pays for a watch in the UK? I would be surprised if it was more than £75.
  11. Yes, I watched the whole interview. I know it's difficult but it has to do with realistic pricing and consumers having trust in British manufacturing. With such an easily accessible global economy and 'throw away" attitude it will be hard to compete. Where are their consumer surveys? Does the British public at large actually care where their watches are made? Do they care that the Swiss admire our watchmakers? For instance: - how many members are there on this site? - how many people visit as a guest? How do you hold their interest that they become members? How many watches does Mr Smith sell a year? Not enough to change consumer thinking. I think we will have to establish pride in Britain first. See how Brexit divided the country in half. We will need our own "Swatch" brand. Who will lead this? Is Mr Smith prepared for this route. I am not trying to be negative but purely realistic. Perhaps a mechanical watch that can measure your steps?
  12. Very nice. I don't like large watches generally, ,however, That looks lovely. You may need to shave your arm if you want to make it as a model though!!! I think Facebook is as good as any place to buy. The number of times a so called respected auction house gives an accurate condition report is rare.
  13. Too right. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to afford one of Mr Smith's watches. The only way British industry will survive is if it is competitive......did the Bee Gees say that?
  14. How often do we pay less than £55 for a watch? Although anything free is always nicer. I also see they are employing the services of KPMG. This will not be cheap. Remember the customer always pays the bills.
  15. Thanks Guys, Very kind. You're right, it will be a long-time in rehab!!! I ordered two more on Friday and am bidding tomorrow!!!!!!! Hellllppppppp!!!!!!! I may have to get a job at this rate
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