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  1. Given what you're all saying, I'm reconsidering my 2nd fave, the Explorer II, larger but more conventional. https://www.xupes.com/watches/product-details/11382/rolex/explorer-ii-stainless-steel-216570.html My main worry with the OP is its small 36 size. You guys have reaffirmed that, plus many other useful points. Any negatives on the Explorer II ? Ps. How do you insert an image- doesn't seem to give me the option perhaps need those 50 post first?
  2. Thanks a stack for all your feedback, its much appreciated! I'm surprised by the general dislike for this dial. I find most of the Rolex dials a bit too conservative for my taste, so tend to go for the more unique/original looks. That said, it's all about personal preference. You've also given me some great tips so far... I was a bit concerned about this, but, from what I've read, the literature seems to suggest a move away from larger dials again...
  3. Hi Time-Lords! I'm taking my first step into luxury brand watches and fallen for this lovely looking Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Its priced at approx £5500 (the max I can afford) and want something preowned that will at least hold its value over the years. Although its an oyster perpetual it's dial is unusual and really eye-catching. I had been looking at a black dialed Explorer II but prefer the more original dial of this one (seem to be loads of preowned explorers on sale) . The cash outlay is a bit scary so I'd love any advice on 1. Is this a safe buy (ito holding its value)? 2.what
  4. I honestly cant help you but I just wanted to say - what a lovely watch to own! It oozes history. If I were you I would approach a watch servicing company (eg: WatchLab in UK) as they can open it up, have a proper look and probably advise you best.
  5. Not often that a new watch grabs my attention like this, but the new Citizen Caliber 0200 NC0200-90E looks stunning. In particular, the grainy black surface dial is not something Ive seen before. Supposedly the 0200 range is the first new automatic watch movement in 11 years. As its doesn't seem to have been mentioned anywhere else on the forum, I thought Id post and see what you think. Im also not a techno expert so interested to know how you guys assess the movement? Here's a link to the launch presentation. Worth a look...
  6. Hi all, After your help (above), I sent it back and got a replacement. Soooo happy with it - think its a stunner. The differing metal greys and textures reflect the light beautifully, give it a stunning look. Whilst larger in size, it definitely wears smaller on the wrist. The functions are all easy to use and overall the watch feels solid. Thanks again for your help. I would insert a photo but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it, so here's a link if you're interested. https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/products/victorinox-swiss-army-watch-alliance-241748
  7. Thanks a stack. Didn't know this about chronos and Thanks a stack. Didn't know this about chronos. Tried resetting it and it worked
  8. thanks for you're advice all, seems clear what I need to do!
  9. Hi all, This is perhaps an unusual discussion question. Im reasonably new to watch collecting so not sure how to evaluate this one. Briefly, I purchased a lovely Victorinox Chronograph from an online retailer abroad. It was advertised as new and seemed a reputable dealer. The watch arrived but had problems: 1)The case is lightly scratched in places 2)The chrono second hand doesn't rest in the correct position (ie:12oclcok) and 3)it has no registration/warranty/instruction papers. Im confident the watch is legit but its obviously second hand from the scratches. The dealer has offer
  10. Thats really great advice Perlative Cernometer and ArtistsMike, thank you.I agree its about preference and also the strap flexibility is a valid point I hadn't considered.For what its worth, Ive just received this response from the Maurice Lacroix CEO: "Dear Sir,The reference we have built in the Aikon Chronograph is reference 3540.D.Please find here all the details of the watch: https://www.watch.co.uk/maurice-lacroix-aikon-swiss-made-quartz-chronograph-ai1018-ss001-430-1.htm Regarding repair and servicing, please be informed that all the Swiss Made Movements we use can be repaired
  11. Ive sent him another email asking for this - will let you know....
  12. I was able to track down the contact details for the CEO of Maurice Lacroix, and sent him my questions. This is his response: "Thank you for your email and interest in our watches.The chronograph quartz has a Ronda movement (reputed Swiss quartz movement producer https://www.ronda.ch/) which we have been assembling successfully on all our quartz collections since 2016, with very low defect rates.Please also be informed that all Maurice Lacroix watches purchased with an officially certified retailer (offline and online) enjoy an international 2-year warranty. Retail stores can be found onl
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