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  1. Hi Time-lords Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on buying luxury watches at online auctions. Generally the prices seem much the same as grey or second hand markets, but there's the occasional bargain. Bit worried about fakes though. Anyone dripped their toes (or wrists!) in this pool?
  2. Hi Timelords! Im wanting to get a skeleton watch for around £200-£300. Ive come across these two which I really like the look of 1. Forge and Foster Avantian X Spectre 2. Rotary Regent Oak Automatic Skeleton Sapphire I love the more modern, Hublot-esque looks (without the price-tag) and whilst I appreciate at this price range they're not going to have amazing movement specs, I still want something decent and reliable. Does anyone have any experience with these brands and what would your suggestions be? Many thanks
  3. Thanks for this really considered advice. It feels spot on. I have big name brand watches (including Rolex) but I love the fun design and colours of these too. They've been well thought out and in that there's value. I confess I'm not a watch snob - just like to know I'm not being ripped off. Thanks for this assessment, really helpful and appreciated. Love your last comment - I have some big name brand watches but my old Storm gets the most comments:) Thanks- I've had similar experience with other fashion watches so appreciate your views a lot!
  4. OK, upfront, don't shoot me for asking about this brand. Yes, it is a fashion brand. But the originality and daring of some of its designs are impressive and the modest online company literature appears genuine and honest. I've owned one for years and it's still going strong. But surprisingly there's virtually no online literature. The brand is Storm watches (london). Here's their webpage. https://stormwatches.com/ Does anyone have any views, experience or opinions on this brand? Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks so much. Good advice, much appreciated. Rubber is so variable but I have one watch on rubber and is soooo comfortable that I'd want something similar.
  6. Hi. I need to source a rubber watch strap. Can anyone tell me what to look out for when buying rubber (don't know much about rubber straps) and recommend any reliable sources. Many thanks
  7. Hello again Time Lords, I need to ask the community's advice on this one. A short while ago I bought a Seiko Presage SARX033 (white dial, blue hands) as I was drawn to the contrast of silver white dial and casing against the blue hands. Being in lockdown, I couldn't view it in person but did loads of research online. But when I received it I was disappointed by how dark the blue hands are and, unless they catch the light at just the right angle, they appear mostly black. As a result the overall appearance is somewhat dull as the blue doesn't "pop" against the white. Ive been trying to find out if someone could change the hands to a brighter/clearer blue for me but not having any luck. One modifier told me this wasn't a Seiko that had many mods parts suitable for it, but surely its cant be too difficult to replace just the hands if one has the right equipment? Please can you let me know if changing the hands should be possible and , if so, any suggestions on who I could trust and approach to do this for me? Much appreciated!
  8. That is lovely. Prompted me to look it up - £24k price tag making my eyes water!
  9. Still no joy. Do you use the url button or just copy and paste the image in the post?Perhaps I need to teach the 50 posts mark before I'm 'allowed?
  10. Hi Time Lords! Contemplating my first luxury watch and these two beauts are front contenders. Torn between the dial colour though...which would you choose?(Yachtmaster 116622 Blue or Rhodium?). https://www.chrono24.co.uk/rolex/rolex-yacht-master-40-116622-blue-dial-stainless-steel-2019--id18126641.htm OR https://www.chrono24.co.uk/rolex/yachtmaster-rhodium-dial-steel-platinum-mens-watch-116622-box-papers--id18475954.htm Would insert photos of them both but cant figure out how! (please can you advise?) Cheers
  11. Hi TimeLords! Earlier in my watch collecting career I purchased a Hamilton Khaki Field Auto. https://www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-gb/h70555533-khaki-field-auto.html As technically great a watch as it is, my heart has never really fallen for it. Just feels a bit bland. So Im wondering if its possible to get mods for Hamilton (as with Seiko) and, if so, if anyone knows anyone who has done mods on a hamilton? Really appreciate any suggestions. (PS: How do I insert an image into my posts - the insert image tab doesn't do anything?)
  12. Given what you're all saying, I'm reconsidering my 2nd fave, the Explorer II, larger but more conventional. https://www.xupes.com/watches/product-details/11382/rolex/explorer-ii-stainless-steel-216570.html My main worry with the OP is its small 36 size. You guys have reaffirmed that, plus many other useful points. Any negatives on the Explorer II ? Ps. How do you insert an image- doesn't seem to give me the option perhaps need those 50 post first?
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