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  1. I received my Sinn 556I a week ago and I'm in love by it, really! I got it on the simple silicone strap from Sinn and I it is a "must have" for the Sinn 556, especially the 556I variant.It is my first automatic watch and, because of that, I have some questions concerning the movement. From what I know, it houses a Sellita SW200-1 in a top grade variant, which is supposed to be very accurate, reliable movement. I just have two concerns that make me wonder whether there is something wrong with it: Is the rotor supposed to be slow when turning? I'm not saying that it doesn't turn, because t
  2. Just because it doesn't look so good in my opinion. I think that it takes the wonderful, elegant sweep of the 28.800 beats per hour away. Do you think? So you don't care if a watch houses a SEIKO 6r15 and another one a ETA 2892-A2? Wow, that's remarkable!
  3. Wow, thank you very much! It seems like an incredible option and it has a very great movement for sure! I will look more into it... Yes, you're right! But what do you think about the movement in comparison with other movements housed in $1000 watches?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a small mechanical men's watch (between 36-39mm) with a white dial, steel bracelet and a good, reliable, robust movement under $1000. Also, it doesn't need to be new. I am willing to a buy a pre-owned one, if the specifications of the watch are good enough. I already did a big research and found some interesting watches. Some examples are the: Seiko SARB035 Archimede OutDoor 39 Traska Commuter Glacier White The thing with these watches, is just that all of them have good components, but there is always something that is missing. For
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